Saturday, December 10, 2011

Before the snow flys...

Ooops! Too late, we has a dusting last night. So before Christmas comes, I'd like to share some fall vacation photos. My brother Scruffy went along with us. When we got there it was so cold. The heat was broken.

Brrrr, dad got us some hot chocolate and found the space heaters.

I couldn't wait to see some red trees, my favorite fall color.
Oh, there's one! Our trip's timing just missed peak color by about a week.
I've been here before, but Scruffy hadn't. I saw my first real bear here.
They have bear shows here Scruffy, and a gift shop. I told him we wouldn't see any today, they were closed for the season. Can you see the gift shop? A true shopper with a trained eye can.
I showed Scruffy one of the old train engines they had.
 I climbed the fence to check out the old tramway car. Look how dark the sky is, more rain.
Storm clouds and beautiful fall colors.
You used to see the Old Man from this spot, then one night he just slid down the mountain.
Scruffy that's all that's left of him.
Well, that, and this memorial rock.
 Grr, not a red maple, still looking. But still pretty.
We both posed.
 After the storm we saw a double rainbow! It's kind of hard to see that it was double, but it was!
 We saw the end of the rainbows. This caused Scruffy to think and
ask that age old question. "Is there really a pot of gold?

Grr-bye for now - maybe I can get a few more pictures in before Christmas.



Sally Ann and Andy said...

What a neat trip! I want to come with you to travel. Very pretty!
Sally Ann

jenann said...

GRRRReat photos, Buttons!
The bears who live here in Wales feel very deprived when they see your sneakers and clothes. You are so lucky to be American as there is not much provision made for bears in the UK or mainland Europe.
Happy holidays Buttons and family,
from the Radnor Forest bears and Jenni.

Jerry and Ben said...

Wonderful photos Buttons and Scruffy! We love the fall colors too! Your pals, Jerry and Ben

Sullivan McPig said...

Great pictures!
Thanks for sharing

Hammie Hamster said...

Oooh a rainbow! I love rainbows! Nice pictures!!! Thanks for showing them here!

Ryan Lorenc-Haluska said...

Buttons and Scruffy– you sure Look Nice in those Maple Leaves! I'm Glad you Both had a Great Time!