Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Back on duty...

I thought I was off duty when we got home on the morning of the 16th, I was wrong. By 8:30pm. mom was back in the ER with a fever and nausea. After every test they could dream up, including scanning her CAT, she was readmitted at 5am. Hummp! My mom doesn't even have a cat.
Here again...

different room, different view. I was back on duty.
I got a little sleep when I could...
comforted the patient. Mom was so sick that dad spent a few nights on the special bed. He contacted family and friends asking everyone to pray for mom. I was very worried about mom too.
So sick, that 5 of the 6 buttons on the top of her call/remote became her other favorite buttons.
From Tuesday afternoon till Friday morning she didn't even use the big green TV button.
Meanwhile, we had our biggest snow storm so far this winter. Dad shoveled late that night and brought in the mail after going home from visiting us at the hospital. Do you see the box on top of the mailbox? Remembear the box.
More flowers and a bear were delivered to the neighbors because no one was home to receive them.
It was too cold for dad to bring the flowers back to the hospital, so he took pictures so mom and I could see how pretty they were.
Cards arrived from the grand nephew & niece arrived, and a patient bear from a friend. (she was in the box)

Dad took a picture of the hospital Saturday morning after the storm. (click on picture to enlarge)
We stayed in room #210 during our first stay and #225 our second stay.
After 48 hours of nausea and vomiting, mom finally could have clear liquids,
 then full liquids while working her way back to soft foods.
A funny card from mom's friend.
A visit from Barnes and Cocoa.
We finally got mom home again on Tuesday the 24th. I'm all stocked up on doctoring supplies.
My souvenir collection of medicine cups from both stays.  I tried to save one for each day of mom's two hospital stays, 13 days, I'm one short.
But I saved the sample cup. I think they got tired of waiting for the sample, because they canceled the order before there was anything to sample. HeeHee, turns out that's what the problem was. They called what mom had an ileus.
Sleeping bowel. I tried to explain this to Scruffy, Brooks, Lilse (they've come to stay with us for a few weeks again) and Barnes. In mom's case, the doctors thought everything was wake.
"Wake-up!" shouted Lisle. We now think hers was just rolling over and going back to sleep.

Mom is still recovering from this whole ordeal, she is getting a little better with each day.

Thank-you all for your well wishes and comments, they make her smile, something I haven't seen for several weeks.

grr-bye for now,

Getting out of these scrubs and back into my blue jeans and normal life.

One more story:

The first words out of the mouth of the young man with the wheelchair when he saw me peeking out of mom's tote bag ready to go home. "I want your bear!" Mom just laughed, and told him she was sorry, but he could not have her bear, because I'd been with her a long long time, was world famous and have my own blog. But she did tell him he could get a pair of scrubs like mine at Build a Bear. He told her when he put her in grandma's car that he was going to Build a Bear, she told him he might want to make a bear while he was there too, he said he though he would.


Sullivan McPig said...

I hope your mom feels better soon. I wish all of you lots of strength and health. *hugs*

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Oh no! Poor Mom! I hope she feels much better real soon. x

jenann said...

Poor poorly Mom. Please give her our love.
Keep up the good doctoring work, Buttons. It sounds as though your Mom needs some home nursing and doctoring. Perhaps one of your lady plushy pals needs a nurse outfit from Build a Bear?
Trumble and Co
PS try not to let Dad worry too much, cos he might end up getting sick too, if he does.

Hammie Hamster said...

Sending you all a very BIG HUG from Harr, G. and me!!!!
Hope she's okay soon!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

WOW yu ar a good carfterer!
We ar all sorry heer that yor Ma has been so ill. Mummy sez, is she ok to eet choklit yet? Apparently that's Mummy's litmus test on wellness. If yu can eet choklit, yor ok. She ate a choklit heart today (wun ov the wuns she gayve to Daddy- how duzz that werk??) but she sed she cuddent tayste it. Then she ternd down a second wun, so this meens she issent all kwite better yet. See how it werks? It's ok tho as it meens mor choklit for me an Daddy.

I luv yor scrubs!!!! Dilly is waring a nerse hat at the moment. She is very strict. She sort ov NAGS peepol to get well an stares at them a lot.

I am glad yu hav kwite a clan ov Bears to help owt thare.

That red Bear looks like he has a TY tag, in wich cayse he must be wun ov my cuzzins!!!!

Bear hugs to yu awl!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Hey I jus left a big message here an then it sed it was blank! Did it deleet it all????
I sed lots!!!
))))lots of heeling hugs from us!((((