Sunday, February 26, 2012

Snow and little brothers...

"Wow, we got snow!" shouted Scruffy.

"Not a lot, but it's snow." said Buttons."Looks like Snowbear making snow."
"Maybe mom will let us go outside." said Scruffy. "You go ask Buttons."
"Hey Scruffy, those are my boots" wined Buttons, "What am I suppose to wear?"
"You have your sneakers" said Scruffy.
"Hurry up Buttons" said Scruffy excitedly.
"Let me get my coat on. I had to go find my sneakers and snow suit." replied Buttons.
"How pretty!!" shouted both bears together.
"Here's the plan, I'll start the snowbear and roll it I can't. That's where you come in and help." Scruffy told Buttons. "The goal is to finish building it on the table. Okay?" Buttons agreed, and Scruffy began making and rolling a snowball.
Just then there was a slight breeze. Plop down went Buttons.
"Buttons what are you doing? This snow is not good bear angel making snow" shouted Scruffy.
"I know Scruff, that's why I didn't flap my arms. Hee hee, I see an impression from my tail" laughed Buttons as he looked back where he'd been.

Scruffy continued rolling his snowball. Just as he was turned to tell Buttons he was ready for his help he saw Buttons fall forward with a thud.
"Now what are you doing?" asked Scruffy.
"I need you to help me now" said Scruffy. "How are we going to get it up on the table?" asked Scruffy.
"I wouldn't be falling in the snow if I had my boots" said Buttons as he got himself upright.
"How do you think Scruffy?" asked Buttons.
"Thanks mom!" shouted both bears.
"Oh no Scruffy, I forgot to bring the extra scarf out with us" cried Buttons.
"I have an idea" said Scruffy.
"I'll share my scarf" said Scruffy.
"That was very nice of you Scruffy" said Buttons with a sigh. "He looks very nice. Now let's go in I'm freezing".

Brrrrr-grr-bye for now,



Hammie Hamster said...

Great post guys! Love all the pictures, but I'm very happy that we had a lot of sun this weekend when we were on a trip to the most beautiful island of the Netherlands! It was almost like spring!

Jerry and Ben said...

What an awesome post! We love reading the story. We don't have so much snow here; it looks like you have much more down there!

Scruffy the Bear said...

Buttons thanks for letting me wear your boots.

Sally Ann and Andy said...

I like your story. That is a neat snow bear.

Birthday Bear said...

Wow you guys get to play in snow. I have never seen snow in my whole life. I love your winter clothes. You did a good job on the snowbear. How nice to share your scarf.

Rebel said...

Hi there Buttons and Scruffy - wow, oh wow, snow! You both look really smart in your snow-wear.
That was a triffic snow bear you made too - I have to say it looks like somebear I know!

I've been away a real long time but the blame is on my humans 'cos they went on a real long holiday. I tried to be a guard bear like you suggested but,well, it got boring so I just ate honey instead.

Bye for now, Rebs xx ^O^

BumbleVee said...

that wasn't too bad...but we had some snow today.....sigh.......