Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter visitors...part 1

We had friends down from Wisconsin for the Easter weekend. So we all had dinner at my grandma and grandpa's house on Good Friday.
After dinner we had a Farkel party.

On Easter after church,
we checked out our Easter basket.

I got chocolate praying hands this year, last year a chocolate cross. The Easter Bunny at my house always wants us to remember what Easter is really about. Does he do that at your house too?

Then we went to grandma's house for dinner. While waiting for everyone to arrive,
Barnes and I said "Hello" to our bunny friend. 
I should say our candy pooping bunny friend!

I took a closer look at the marbled Easter eggs mom & dad colored this year.
Mom wouldn't let us help this year, she was sure we'd end up colored too. Here are the directions for the method she chose.
Aren't they beautiful? Shhhhh! Don't tell grandma I was standing on her set table. It was only for a minute.
Two of the visitors from Wisconsin had four legs.

That's Tucker on the right and the big one is Wrigley. They're best friends,
but Tucker is the boss. We all had a very nice Easter until...

Be sure to come back for part 2.

Grrr-bye for now,


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Jerry and Ben said...

Yummy treats! Bob T. Bear will love the pooping bunny!