Saturday, April 21, 2012

What's in a name...

Scruffy popping in to tell you, last night I asked for some ice cream. Look what dad brought upstairs from the freezer.
It's a bear's dream, thick caramel and chocolate covered cashews in chocolate ice cream. It was a dreamy bear hug to this bear's tummy! We never had this brand before. It's my new favorite.

Scruffy for


Jerry and Ben said...

Wow! Bear Hug ice cream! That looks delicious, and a perfect treat to serve to your bear friends when they come over for a visit...hint, hint! hehe

Hammie Hamster said...

Sounds like ice cream that we would like to try too! :-) do you think there will be hamster ice cream too?

Scruffy the Bear said...

Jerry and Ben it is a perfect ice cream to serve to bear friends. I am a visiting bear, a rather frequent visiting bear these days. :D

Hammie I don't know if there will be a hamster ice cream. This particular ice cream is named after Sleeping Bear Dunes, a state park in Michigan.

Thanks for reading my post, Buttons will be back soon. He just needed a little more time to recover from his Easter trauma.

Blue said...

Hi Buttons!

So glad to find you still blogging away!
I'm Woodstock Bear's mummy - a lots happened since he last posted - we moved homes for one thing.
He sends his best regards and wants me to start typing on his behalf again as it will be two years next month.
Hugs to you
Blue & Woodstock