Monday, July 9, 2012

Meeting Marlowe...Part 1

Recently a while ago, on a Friday I went on a trip to Wisconsin. This was a trip I was especially looking forward to, and a little nervous about, because we were going to the house where Tucker & Wrigley live. My mom, dad, grandma & grandpa had a graduation party to attend. Turns out the party was beary beary close to the town where Marlowe lives. So, I invited my little brother Scruffy to come along. My mom emailed Marlowe's mom as soon as she knew we were going to Wisconsin for sure and they planned for Marlowe and me to meet-up.

Saturday morning my mom, dad, me & Scruffy went to a McDonald's for breakfast. Scruffy and me, well, we had to wait in the car, humph! While they went inside. We didn't even get a pancake! :( But afterwards mom said we were all going to a park. :)

YaY! I was finally meeting my friend Marlowe in bearson. (You finally get to see the pictures!)
Me & Marlowe (Note to self : I need a shirt that says WI (and to mom))
I love parks because there is always something fun to do, and this was going to be extra fun!
Marlowe, Caleb, Scruffy & Me
 So, after we posed for some pictures,
 we were off to explore.
 Scruffy tagged along. "Hey what are you guys doing?" yelled Scruffy.
 "Just hanging out" we both answered laughing.
Okay, it was time to do something else to do, the fluff had rushed to my brain.
Next we climbed on some big rocks we saw.
We talked about all kind of things. Including how dry the weather has been in both WI and IL.
Marlowe was enjoying the breeze. It was hot, but the breezes made the temperature bearable.

More pictures from our meet-up next time.

Grr-bye for now,



Alexander Mackenzie Bear said...

Oh what fun! I don't know Marlowe, but can only imagine how much fun it would be to actually meet some of my blogger-pals in person. Looking forward to more pics!

Jerry and Ben said...

What great photos! We're so jealous that you guys got to meet and hang out!!! Thanks for sharing the photos!