Sunday, June 3, 2012

Waiting to help...

These came in the mail awhile back. Can you guess what they are for?
Recently, on a day of outside chores, my dad told me to bring them out with me, and that we'd get to them later.
Meanwhile, I checked out one of the plants mom bought for her pots.

Says it's English Ivy, I wonder if it has an accent? Get it? Ha ha, it's an accent plant! Our pot sitting bears were getting anxious to know where they would be sitting this year, so I let them sit on the pot. No Bob, they weren't fertilizing.
Watching all this mowing, clipping and planting, sigh, sure makes a bear
thirsty. Slurp, smack! Ahh, I love lime-aide.

Our resident plumber is in.
Diagnosing the problem...
fixing it...
testing it. Now it just leaks extra at the nozzle. YaY!
Hey, some squirrel lost his nut! Haha! Mom found it in one of her flower pots. Obviously he forgot to make a sticky-note reminder of where he put it.

Finally it's time to find out if this donut thingy will fit. Did you guess it was to fix the hole in our table?
Umbrella lowered and removed...
next push, push it harder.
Hey wait dad,
don't use that tool.
I think, I know what this is for.

Ta-dah! All fixed and I helped.

Grr-bye for now,


Jerry and Ben said...

What a beary beautiful garden Buttons! We like to help out in the garden too. Your pot with the bears on it looks great! Does your mom plant herbs and veggies too, or lots of flowers? We have some of both, but mostly flowers, they're so beautiful this year!

jenann said...

Hi Buttons
Well that was a tricky question. I thought they were quiet cymbals, so you could practise without disturbing your Mom. I didn't expevt them to be for the table umbrella.
I love yor garden. Don't you just love squirting things with the hose? OOOH! I hope we have a hot summer - we haven't had a proper, sunny summer here for two years.

jenann said...

Hi again Buttons,
Boy! Am I in trouble. I didn't mean to soak my Mom's mohair. I was just trying out the hose to make sure it would work well. How was I to know she was lying under the camelia bush?
As lady bears go, my bear mother is fairly cool most of the time. She's a World War 2 bear, made by somebody's Grandma when there weren't any bears around to buy in Britain, so she knows all about cooking and caring for clothes etc because she learnt it all then. But when she growls at me, it makes my teeth rattle.
WARNING. Soaked lady bears turn into Grizzly bears.
Trumble (who is hiding under the bed right now - could use some silent cymbals to entertain myself -does your Dad really need to hold the umbrella up?)

Alexander Mackenzie Bear said...

Hi Buttons,
I love your garden! Although I had no idea what those plastic collars were. I too was wondering what the pot bears were you doing, but you cleared that up... not fertilizing! Your garden looks a lot farther along than ours up here in Canada... I will have to be patient.

Hammie Hamster said...

We had some very good warm days but now it feels like autumn again! So we don't sit in the garden and if we needed something to protect us, it would be an umbrella against the rain...