Thursday, July 26, 2012

After meeting Marlowe (part 3)...

I'd like to share more pictures from my trip to Wisconsin. After brunch on Sunday,
Scruffy and I said good-bye to Princess. I think Scruffy kind of liked her.
She lives with our friends where we stayed.
Then we said good-bye to Wrigley.
Then we waited, and waited for our people to say their good-byes, so we could get on the road home. Look, grandma's water bottle has a sweat sock! Ha ha!
One of my favorite things to do when going on long car trips is to look out the window, to see what I can see.
I was trying to see the lake, when this car advertising my blog got in the way
This is Lake Butte.
 There are lots of farms in Wisconsin.
We stopped for lunch at my favorite arches restaurant. I had an iced mocha. Grandma and Scruffy had a little nap as we continued on.
Oh no! I think we picked up a stow away when we stopped for lunch.
Grandma caught it and put it out the window. It was some kind of beetle.

There was another bug, I think that one is a drone ant. Oh my, uninvited passengers.
There it is, I promised Dilly I'd show her a picture of a castle. The Marr's Cheese Castle and no it's not made of cheese.
There's the state-line. See the Welcome to Illinois sign?
I love to look out the window as we drive along. I love it when I catch drivers looking back at me. :)
We're near Chicago's O'Hare Airport. You can't see them, but there were planes just lined up to land.
There's LegoLand Discovery, it's by the Woodfield Mall.
Whoa! Here's my exit. Sure wish dad would take them a little slower. This backseat passenger wasn't ready. We were home very soon after this picture was taken. We had a great time.

Grr-bye for now,



Jerry and Ben said...

You sure had a beary fun adventure meeting Marlowe! We fall asleep in the car too, esp. on long drives.

Alexander Mackenzie Bear said...

Looks like even the car ride was full of adventures - hitch-hikers and all!

Hammie Hamster said...

To bad it wasn't a ladybug! It would have brought you good luck! :-)