Saturday, July 28, 2012

I got beautiful mail...

I got a postcard a couple of days ago.
It's from those lucky traveling bears, Jerry and Ben. They went to Niagra Falls.

 What a beautiful picture!
My dad says thanks guys. He says your post card is going to cost him money. He may not be able to drive by the turn off for the falls this fall. :(
Teehee, Thanks guys! :) Mom and I have been wanting to go for years!

Grr-bye for now,



jenann said...

Think you better camp out in the car so your Dad doesn't take the turning to Niagara when you are not with him. My Poppa sometimes forgets that small bears like to visit places of interest, gets all enthusiastic and goes off without me. >:3
That set of characters before my name is my attempt at me looking sad. Even keyboards don't always cater for the needs and wishes of small bears.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Oh wow! They sent me wun too!!!!!!

Hey Buttons, ar yu going to join in the synchronised sitting event for the olympics???? I'm posting entrys on my blog this Thursday! I'm sending choklit medals to the winners!!!

BEANIE is hosting the synchronised FARTING event!!! HAHAHAH! It's on his blog today! I've put my entry on my blog wiv sum links. COm see!!!