Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Bearlympians, beans and farts...

Everyone has been excited about the Teddybear Olympix. There has been great debate over the proper fuel for Beanie's Farting Contest.
The contestants shopped mom's pantry shelf searching for their favorite beans.
Barnes settled for red beans. He'd have preferred baked beans, but mom rarely buys them, because of their fart factor.

While waiting for the farts to begin, we held our syncronized  sitting practice.
I coached them on form.
We posed for our syncro team photo.
Here we go.
 Cocoa, Scruffy and I preparred for the worst.
Scruffy, Cocoa and I threw in a little syncronized diving as we dove for air. Oh my goodness! Who knew three little bears could produce that much methane!! Wheeeeewee! PU!!!! Cough, cough, sputter! That is just plain putrid! DO NOT LIGHT A MATCH!
Once the air cleared we had no problem with the syncronized napping.
Even the little bearlympians rolled over in formation and joined in.

I hope after all this we aren't too late with our entries. We suffered an outage to our DSL service day before yesterday and a power outage yesterday.

Grr-by for now,

Buttons I am planning on entering Jerry & Ben's Gardening Competition, sure hope we can get that one in on time.


Alexander Mackenzie Bear said...

Wow... three competitions in one! Very impressive!

Synchronized Sitting - 8

Synchronized Farting - 8.5

Napping - 8

Good luck with the Gardening post!

Lynda (Granny K) said...

That is so funny! Ha! Ha! Toot!

Found art blog said...

Oh that's brilliant!!!

Beanie Fart Score: 8.5 for the wind factor!
Sitting: 8
Napping: 8