Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Gardening Entry...

I'm kind of combining my gardening entry with updating you on how things are growing. If you remembear, back in the Spring I rescued one the mystery plants from my grandma's tomato patch. She thought she might not get water hauled back to where she had to move them often enough for them to survive as she is having knee and shoulder problems. We planted it in a big black pot, because we didn't have ground space either. I wanted to know if I was right that they were pumpkins.

I checked on it after a beary bad storm just a short time after the transplant. But that's a post I'm way behind on. After the plant was established dad moved it to a sunny spot and gave it tomato cages to climb on and for support.  This past Saturday, when I checked on it low and behold,
the mystery is emerging!
A closer look, it is not a pumpkin.  :( Looks like either a crookneck squash or some kind of gourd.
I staked it and

watered it,
 and checked out the new blooms.
Hummm, flying bugs, not a bee. Oh well, if they pollinate who cares, we may get more than one squash or gourd.
Next, I checked on the Chocolate Cherry Heirloom tomatoes.
The plant has certainly grown since you saw it.
There are lots of chocolate tomatoes coming along. I picked a few and staked the plant. While mom picked the beans.After I passed the harvest to Scruffy, I made one last plant check.
There are two baby gooseberry bushes growing in this pot. Rootings from our gooseberry bush for our friends in Wisconsin. They will take them home in a couple of weeks when they visit.
Scruffy arranged our harvest, I think he was trying to augment the chocolate cherry tomatoes with the malted milk balls. Our first harvest, it's small, but in a couple of days we will have more tomatoes.

Jerry and Ben you may select any of my gardening photos singly or as a whole from the above portion of this post. I just couldn't choose.

Grr-bye for now,



Alexander Mackenzie Bear said...

Oooh wow... very good gardening. I didn't know malt-balls grew on plants... hmmmmm... me thinks you're right about Scruffy stacking the deck of tomatoes!

Love the mystery plant - gourd or pumpkin or squash...

Overall score from the Canadian Judge.... 8!

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Ooh! you are such expert growers! I've never heard of chocolate tomatoes. We've grown some pumpkin plants from seeds saved from a halloween pumkin we made, but it is too cold and wet here in the uk for them to grow maybe. We got flowers but none of them were pollinated. I don't think the insects round here knew what they were!