Thursday, January 10, 2013

What's left behind...

Late New Year's Day afternoon Scruffy was trying to get outside before dark. The men from the city had come back the day before. They quickly cut the trunk of the tree down, so fast, we only heard it. A couple quick buzz cuts of the chain saw and two great big CLUNKS when it was loaded into the front loader and the dump truck. Mom didn't have the memory card in the camera and by the time it got there they were done. Leaving  8:(   8:(  = 2 unhappy bears.
"Come on Buttons, hurry up" said Scruffy as he stood ready to go outside. He was anxious to check out the stump left behind.

"Wow, it's covered with snow and sawdust Scruffy" said Buttons."I didn't bring a broom out with us".
 "Well, we could huff and puff and blow it off" said Scruffy, determined to count the tree's rings.
"One...Two...Three...BLOW!" shouted Buttons. Both bears blew as hard as they could.
 "Let's...blow,... one more time Buttons" said Scruffy catching his breath.
"Pheeeeeeeew!" they blew again and then climbed on the stump.
Scruffy began to try to count the rings, "one, two, three, four..."
"Scruffy, do you see that dark circle in the center?" Buttons asked. "Mom says that's about how big
this tree was when they bought the house 32 years ago".
"Wow, it was just a baby tree back then. So maybe knowing that, we can just guess how old the tree lived to be." said Scruffy. "I really wanted to count all the rings, but the way they cut it with the chain saw is making it difficult to see them all. So I'm going to guess it was about 40 years old."

"By the way Scruffy, haha, you look like a goomba bear in my boots" said Buttons laughing.
"Thanks Buttons, and thanks for your supply of all that hot air to blow the snow off the stump." smiled Scruffy.

Can you count the rings? Is Scruffy right?

grr-bye for now,



Buttons the Bear said...

For those that are wondering:
Our city has a Tree-lawn replanting program. They share the cost of a new tree; the homeowner pays $99 chooses a tree from 12 approved varieties; and the city will obtain the tree and plant it. We are still deciding if we will replant a tree in the fall or wait till after we take our Crab Apple tree down.

Hammie Hamster said...

Our village plants a new tree for every tree they cut down. Not always at the same spot where the old tree was...

Alexander Mackenzie Bear said...

Great job on the huffing & puffing guys! And Scruffy looks oh-so-chic in the red jacket with hoodie! Red seems to be the in-colour this winter!

I count 42 rings - but the inner dark part is hard to guess!

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Wow! that is a pretty impressive tree stump you have there! Not everyone gets to have one of those.

Jerry and Ben said...

that's too bad about the beautiful tree! Your red jacket looks just like Sandy's and Jerry's!

Buttons the Bear said...
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Scruffy the Bear said...

Thanks Sandy, Jerry and Ben for the comments about my new hoodie.

Did you notice where it came from?
Hoping Buttons, hen-hum, will finally post about that next time.

jenann said...

Hey, Buttons! You could use the stump as a bear stage and put your own concerts or plays on there! I wish we had one like that. I also wish there was a tree in our garden that was the right size for me to have a tree house in. They are all either too skinny or too high.
Happy 2013.

Sullivan McPig said...

I hope you get a really cool tree in return for this one.