Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snow, broken trees and snowbears...

The next day it took mom till late afternoon to let us go outside.
We trudged through the deep snow. Hummph! Mom said it really wasn't that deep

I guess "deep" is a matter of perspective when you are a little bear, thought Scruffy.
"I'm going to climb it" announced Scruffy as he caught up.
 "Now Scruffy, remember, mom said to be careful" instructed Buttons.
Quite the little climber thought Buttons, as he watched Scruffy scramble along the tree limb. Almost squirrel like, minus the bushy tail.
"Wait up Scruffy" called Buttons, as he tried to gain his balance.
"Be careful, it's slippery" Scruffy warned.
"Ok, Scruffy" huffed Buttons.
 "Wow Scruffy, would you look at that it's half rot----ted"
Scruffy shook his head and said to himself "I told him to be careful."
"Hey Buttons? You ok?" asked Scruffy. A muffled "yes" was all Scruffy heard.
"Be down in a minute" Scruffy hollered down to Buttons.
Scruffy continued to look the tree's broken limb over.
Do you see any animal like shapes in the wood behind him? (click picture for larger view)
Hearing a loud Uumph! coming from Buttons. Scruffy thought he'd better go check on him.
" ok there Buttons?" asked Scruffy.
"Yes, I finally managed to get up" grumbled Buttons.
"That's good" responded Scruffy, "be right back".
 "Where did he go?" wondered Buttons out loud.
 "Up here" replied Scruffy, "come on up".

"No thanks. How about you come down and help me build a snowbear?" said Buttons shivering and thinking to himself he truly is part squirrel.
"Hey Buttons, I have a great idea for a snowbear" said just Scruffy excitedly. "Come with me. "If we just make a few minor adjustments Buttons, we will inside sipping hot cocoa before you know it"."
 "This was a great idea Scruffy" said Buttons as he put the finishing touches on the snow bear.
"I'm sure the neighbors won't mind" chuckled Scruffy, "If they do they can just have another snowball fight with dad!"

Brrr & Grr-bye for now,



Scruffy the Bear said...

This snow was from the storm we had on Feb. 26th. We had another storm yesterday that brought us another 9.5".

Buttons and I want to go out to sled and ski, but we aren't holding our breath.

Jerry and Ben said...

What a great snow bear Buttons and Scruffy! It looks awesome! We didn't get any show here, just lots of wind. We would sure love one last change to make a snow bear too!

Alexander Mackenzie Bear said...

Oooh... that was a great adventure! I have to say, Scruffy is clearly well-versed in snow-design (might be that Canadian sweater he is wearing)! Buttons needs to be more careful!! And I love the snow bear!!

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Well done guys! That is a terrific snowbear!

Hammie Hamster said...

They predicted snow this weekend, but sofa we didn't see snow, it's strange, tuesday we went for a SPring walk with G.'s group at school, and now winter returns??? WE WANT SPRING!!!! :-)