Thursday, April 4, 2013

The tree man cometh...

A couple of weeks, ago Scruffy and I took our seats on the appointed day.
Watching and waiting for the tree men. The phone rang,
the tree man called. He said it was too cold for his men to come that day. A beautiful day, but a balmy 17 degrees, brrr!
Our big old broken, sick tree
received that last minute stay of execution. It was like a call from the governor.
We told the tree not to get too excited, because they gave us another date.
Cue the music: dunt, dunt daaaaaaaaaaa!

grr-bye for now,



Jerry and Ben said...

Can someone use some of the oak wood to make or to carve something or is the tree too far gone? Will you plant a new baby tree?

Hammie Hamster said...

I posted a very sad song about an old tree having to be cut down once. It's in German but perhaps you can understand the sadness of the woman who sings it when you hear it...