Friday, December 25, 2015

A message in a tree...

So, on Tuesday the city's tree people finally came to take down our 2nd diseased maple tree. It took 5 men all of 30 minutes to do the deed. Scruffy and I had to wait all day on Wednesday to go out to check out the stump, because it was raining really hard. We're having unseasonably warm weather this December. As you can see we are having a green Christmas.
Look what we discovered. Do you see it?
The man with the chain saw left a message cut into the stump. We wanted to share that message with you. It's sort of like a Christmas card photo.

Thank you to my blog friends who have sent me Christmas cards and postcards this year. It's always fun to get mail and I greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness. Sadly, I'm not sending out Christmas cards this year, as we've had a difficult year. Christmas is very different this year aside from the mild weather because we are celebrating minus two beary special family members. In May, my grandma on my dad's side passed away. Then in October my grandpa on my mom's side passed away. We miss them both beary much.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Grr-bye for now,


Monday, August 3, 2015

Bigger than a Breadbox 2

Picking up where we left off yesterday in part 1 of Bigger than a Breadbox ...

When dad finally got home from work he was able
to lend a hand to help Buttons and Scruffy.
Dad pulled and pulled on the bubble wrap.
The contents only budged a little. "You guys have to get down from
there" said Dad.
Buttons and Scruffy waited patiently while Dad pulled the wrapped item from the box.
Scruffy climbed up to see if he could get a better look.
Then Dad stood it up. As soon as Scruffy saw it standing said "I think know, I know!
"Hurry and get the bubble wrap off!", cried Scruffy excitedly.
"It's Quincy! yelled Scruffy.
 "Oh Quincy! Welcome to Illinois!" cried Buttons.
 "Hiya guys!" growled Quincy, "So I'm in Illinois, humph, the flat lands. Nobody told me I was
leaving my beloved New Hampshire."
"Help! Help me Buttons'! cried Scruffy as Quincy grabbed him by his arm.
"Buttons, quick, find him something to eat. I think he's hungry after his long bumpy trip."
"Hey Quincy, let Scruffy go!"cried Buttons. "Here, have some honey!"
"Thanks Buttons! He looks a lot happier now." said a much calmer Scruffy.
While Quincy ate his honey, Buttons reminded Quincy "Remember my mom found you on Quincy Road near grandma's in June. We knew you were coming to our house at some point, but we were surprised when you arrived today." "But I miss the great outdoors" moaned Quincy as he slurped
his honey.
"I don't think he likes it here Buttons" said Scruffy.
"Let's try over there" replied Buttons.
 "Wow Buttons, he looks happier already" said Scruffy. "How did you calm him down?"
"Well, I told him I was from New Hampshire too, and that I got used to life in the
flat lands." said Buttons.

Grr-bye for now,


Sunday, August 2, 2015

Bigger than a Breadbox.

Hi everybody! I've been gone from blogland a long time. I was finally able to talk my secrabery into posting for me. I am exhausted from the ordeal.

Look what was delivered to our house the other day.
A package!
A great big package!
Scruffy and I had decided to be H.B.'s and and open it for mom.
"Oh, look Buttons! " said Scruffy. "Is that an air hole?"
"I don't know." replied Buttons, as he opened the flap.
"Wait Scruff...I'm not done opening the box" cried Buttons.
But Scruffy couldn't wait until Buttons got the other flap opened.
"Can't wait," said Scruffy. "I'm going in!"
"Well then, BE CAREFUL!" warned Buttons.

By the time Buttons finished opening the other flaps, he turned to
find Scruffy holding a white envelope.
"Now that I can see, it looks like a card for mom" said Scruffy.
"Heehee, we'll let her open that! Buttons, I think we are going to have to lay this
box down to unpack it. Because whatever is in here is almost as tall as the box." he continued.
Buttons and Scruffy sat down for a long rest after wrestling the box to the
floor with a loud THUD!
Scruffy waded in to survey the situation of the contents, while Buttons continued
holding the flap up so Scruffy could see what he was doing.
"Sure are a lot of peanuts" he mumbled loudly, as a static powered
peanut attached itself to his face. "Hey Buttons," called Scruffy with a sigh,
"We're going to have to wait till Dad to gets home from work.
Whatever is in there is to big and wedged to tightly for us to get out."

Buttons and Scruffy had to wait for Dad, just like you'll have to wait till tomorrow
to find out what's in the be continued.

Thanks for stopping by. 
Grr-bye for now,