Sunday, August 2, 2015

Bigger than a Breadbox.

Hi everybody! I've been gone from blogland a long time. I was finally able to talk my secrabery into posting for me. I am exhausted from the ordeal.

Look what was delivered to our house the other day.
A package!
A great big package!
Scruffy and I had decided to be H.B.'s and and open it for mom.
"Oh, look Buttons! " said Scruffy. "Is that an air hole?"
"I don't know." replied Buttons, as he opened the flap.
"Wait Scruff...I'm not done opening the box" cried Buttons.
But Scruffy couldn't wait until Buttons got the other flap opened.
"Can't wait," said Scruffy. "I'm going in!"
"Well then, BE CAREFUL!" warned Buttons.

By the time Buttons finished opening the other flaps, he turned to
find Scruffy holding a white envelope.
"Now that I can see, it looks like a card for mom" said Scruffy.
"Heehee, we'll let her open that! Buttons, I think we are going to have to lay this
box down to unpack it. Because whatever is in here is almost as tall as the box." he continued.
Buttons and Scruffy sat down for a long rest after wrestling the box to the
floor with a loud THUD!
Scruffy waded in to survey the situation of the contents, while Buttons continued
holding the flap up so Scruffy could see what he was doing.
"Sure are a lot of peanuts" he mumbled loudly, as a static powered
peanut attached itself to his face. "Hey Buttons," called Scruffy with a sigh,
"We're going to have to wait till Dad to gets home from work.
Whatever is in there is to big and wedged to tightly for us to get out."

Buttons and Scruffy had to wait for Dad, just like you'll have to wait till tomorrow
to find out what's in the be continued.

Thanks for stopping by. 
Grr-bye for now,



Cheryl Courtney Semick said...

I'm so excited to see what's in the big box, Buttons! Be careful with those power-charged peanuts. Hehe. Love you and Scruffy, AC

A Fan in NH said...

This is exciting! I just wonder what it could possibly be! The waiting is unbearable!!

Alexander Mackenzie Bear said...

Oh yay!!! Buttons and Scruffy... it's SOOOO good to see you guys back! As for what's in the big box... that is a mystery... not sure I have the patience to wait. Maybe it's another bear??!

jenann said...

You camed back Buttons! Yay! I been missing you, my bloggy friend.
What's in that BIG box? When you empty it up, you can play in it too. Maybe make a castle? Or a rocket? Ooh, such fun!
Trumble xx

Little Fox said...

Can't wait to see whats inside....

Hammie Hamster said...

Good to see you again!!!