Thursday, November 5, 2009

Candy B. Corn's search for candy corn...

We have a couple of new visitors from Bear Tower in Chicago. Brother T brought them out when he came for dinner and to take Scruffy home with him. I heard there are lots of bears that live there I haven't met yet.

Cocoa has been getting to know Buddy Bear. I was just about to join them when I saw this.

Rusty was riding around on our other guest, Phila-bear-phia's back. I hurried to find out what was going on. Rusty told me that he was helping Candy B. Corn. Phila-bear-phias told me he volunteered to help. I asked what are you helping her do?

Just as I asked the question, I heard Candy B. Corn say she was still looking for the candy corn, as she stepped from behind Phila-bear-phia and Rusty. Candy B. Corn has been driving us nuts for days now.  She just can't believe that mom didn't buy any this year. I told her mom still hasn't bought any.

Then dad came home from shopping the other night with a great big bag. He bought the kind where the candy corn, pumpkins and indian corn are all mixed together. He also bought some chocolate caramel flavored candy corn. I bearsonally like the traditional white, yellow, orange kind.

I cut the bag open and began to pour it into the pumpkin candy dish, Candy B. Corn fainted. I assumed she was just weary from her search and the excitement of finally finding the candy corn. As soon as they smelled the candy and heard it pouring into the candy jar, Rusty and Phila-bear-phia rushed over. Candy B. Corn had recovered and was already helping herself to the candy corn.

I examined the bag to see if I could figure out why bears seemed to be so attracted to this particular candy. Ahhhh Ha! I found the reason, its printed right here on the bag. No wonder bears love it!

Cool Fall Craft
Mom was reminded of a cool fall craft through a blog she follows called Holy Experience, she linked to this blog called Clover Lane, anyway the craft is called waxed leaves. A really cool way to preserve the beauty of the fall leaves. For us, it is too late to do this year, but perhaps next year. Mom remembers doing this growing up, she says they also ironed the leaves between pieces of waxed paper. Be sure to protect the ironing board cover and the iron with pieces of paper if you try this. Bears must be beary careful not to try this without help, of the human kind. Getting wax on ones paws would not be a good thing.

Grr-bye for now,



Marlowe said...

I'm not a big fan of candy corn, but maybe it's because I've never had any that is made with real honey!

Sally Ann and Andy said...

I've never had Candy corn. You must tell me how it taste. I only a couple of months old you know, so many things are new to me.
Taddy Bear, Grrrr
P.S. Mommy has been thinking about giving a private blog to me and Charlie, if you could encourage her that would be great.

Neoguest said...

I do like candycorn, nver thought that it would be a least favorite candy by some people.

Kyanite said...

Good Afternoon young Buttons!

Sincere apolgies for not being over for a while, but Mothers been away for two consecutive weekends taking the laptop with her!!!

Have to confess Candy Corn is new to me and I personally am not keen on Honey - it is devilishly hard to get out of one's mohair.

Did enjoy your Autumn photographs & LOL @ the cartoon.