Friday, May 29, 2009

Spelling Bees and honey...

Last night mom suggested that we watch the National Spelling Bee Final. I thought perhaps since it was a bee, bees were somehow involved. Usually when bees are around there might also be honey. So since bears like honey, me and the guys settled in to watch.

Turns out it was just kids spelling words, no bees, and no honey! I guess bees can't spell. Just a lot of strange words that we'd never heard before. I think those kids learned a bunch of words they will never hear or use again. They will of course always remembear

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I used to be fluffy...

Today I was thinking about seeing my cousin Bunkey. He's about my same age, and he was adopted from the same shelf at the Yoken's Adoption Center, Postsmouth NH, not long after I was. He was adopted by my grandma, so technically I guess that makes him my uncle and not my cousin! But, since he was my cousin on the shelf, my cousin he remains.

Anyway, it was great to see him, but it got me to thinking about appearances. When I posed for this photo between Bunkey & Reggie I saw just how worn I've become. Sometimes I think we worry too much about how we look.
So I wrote this little ditty about why I look the way I do.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Bearthday's, Disappearing Sandwiches and New Friends...

All the company's heading home today. We had a beary busy weekend with family. Celebrating my people cousin's boy Ethan's 1st bearthday yesterday. If you remembear, he is the one I play peek-a-bear with.(see May 13th post) Bob if you are reading this, I taught him and his mom how to play Bear-not-a-Bear too. His mom says that she plays it with him every day.

We gave Ethan his beary own bear

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Switcheroo continued...

In case you didn't read yesterday's post, you'll want to go back and read it. Scruffy & Lucky decided they would try assuming each others identities. Hoping that Bro. T. wouldn't notice until he was well into his move to Chicago. Well early this morning "Scruffy" got situated in the truck. Mom suggested he take along a snack. Meanwhile in the house "Lucky" hid in plain sight and waited to see if he could get away with the switch.Well I found out that my older brother seems to be a chip off mom. It turns out that Bro. T. has inherited mom's naturally suspicious mind. One of the first things he did while waiting for the rest of his moving helpers to arrive

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Switcheroo Caper...

It was a rainy gloomy day today. Me, my cousin Bunkey, Scruffy, my other bear brothers Cocoa and Reggie (he's Canadian; adopted via the eBay Adoption Center) were playing cards and talking. We were trying to come up with a way that Scruffy could stay with us when Bro. T. moves to Chicago on Saturday. He told us he wasn't looking forward to living on the 30th floor of a high rise apartment building. He didn't care what coast it was on. Bro. T. is borrowing mom & dad's pick-up truck for the move. He mentioned that he expected Scruffy to be in the truck ready

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Visitors and Swine Flu...

Well he's here! I never thought I'd see him outside of New Hampshire. When my mom answered the door on Sunday morning there stood my grandparents and Bunkey. They were taking precautions against the Swine Flu outbreak here in Illinois by wearing masks! Unfortunately, mom didn't have the camera at the time and she was too busy laughing to go get it.So really, just how do you know if you have the Swine Flu? That's the question my dad asked when he came upstairs wearing my pig nose. A bunch of regular comedians

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Watch out for those darn dust bunnies!

Thought I'd duck in here for a minute to get out of the way. Things are crazy busy around here as of late. Mom is finally making the roman shade for the family room window. Did Roman's really have window shades? Anyway, she said it's time the window matched the patio door curtain she made a year and a half ago.

Last years excuse, she had surgery on her tator-cuff, followed by 4 months of PT - 3 times a week. Then her dad had tumor surgery and radiation treatments at a VA hospital 20 miles away. It was a rough year. Mom says there are no more excuses, she's motivated. It's time to get it done! Besides all that, company is coming!!

My New Hampshire grandma and grandpaw are coming and they're supposed to bring my cousin Bunkey along for a visit. Wow! We haven't seen them for a long time. All the New Hampshire bears in the hug are excited to see Bunkey; and grandma and grandpaw too. Even if grandpaw doesn't like us bears much. As evidence

Friday, May 1, 2009

My name is Buttons because...

My adoptive family was on what I now call “bear-cation,” in New Hampshire (dad’s interpretation; mom's on a hunt for a new bear).

That said, my mom says that I spoke to her heart with my eyes when she first saw me at the Yoken’s Adoption Center. My eyes said “Pick me, pick me, take me home!” I’m so glad I paid attention in the "How to use your eyes" class at the Bear Birthing Center in Korea.

Most of us bears come with what we call a tag name. Because my new mom didn’t think the tag name fit me, she needed to think of a new more appropriate name for me. Oh my, the name she came up with was a long one that I think is really embearassing too. I’ll tell you what it is and then we won’t ever bring it up again.

Ready, brace yourself.