Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My new neighbors...

Hi all, I'm reporting to you from the laundry room window sill today. Shhh, I'm trying to be as quite as possible.
I don't want to disturb our newest neighbor, Mrs. Robin, as I check to see if she is in. Sure hope I can watch her from here, let's see.

Nope, all I can see is the bottom of the nest. Maybe if I open the screen and lean out.
Don't any of you smaller bears try this. Actually, mom wouldn't let me do it, she said something about setting a good example. She stuck the camera out the window instead.

Mrs. Robin flew away when the screen squeaked.
Now she is chirping at me. Question: How many mad birds do you see in this picture?

So is the mister.

When dad came home from work, I told him Mrs. Robin kept flying away when I tried to get a picture of her sitting in the nest.My dad took me out and around the house after he got home from work.
She flew away again, but there it is, tucked in the crook of the garage downspout.
Mr. & Mrs. Robin made a muddy mess of the siding while building their nest. Looks like a job for the power washer later this summer.

We went back inside and since they were off the nest, we took a peek.
This explains all the chirping at me. Dad took this picture from the laundry room window. I will try not to disturb them, but hopefully once the eggs hatch perhaps I can get some more pictures of the baby birds. I give them an A+ in nest weaving.

Answer: (3)

1- upset future mother; 2- 1 mad hoot owl, he's mad at woodpeckers, that's his job, my neighbor is using him to keep the woodpeckers from pecking more holes in her house; 3- lastly, 1 mad out of work eagle on the old real estate sign for a realty company now defunct.

Grr-bye for now,


The Teddy Bear Family said...

Cool neighbors! And, the eggs? They're robin blue, just like their a'posed to be.

We hope you can get some shots of the babies when they hatch...without being pecked by mommy and daddy robins.

We have wrens nesting under our air cinditioner, but it isn't a big enough spot to build a nest, so they lose their babies almost every year, onto our front step. It is most disheartening. Last year the baby made it though.

Marlowe said...

We live out in the country, so we have all sorts of nesting birds. I've seen blue jay, cardinal, and robin babies!

Aunt Cheryl said...


I hope this unusually cold May weather doesn't harm those baby eggs!

Nice post, thanks for sharing!

Aunt Cheryl

Hammie Hamster said...

I am so jealous! What a nice thing to see! you are so lucky to be able to see that wonder so close! Thank you so much. I hope you'll be able to show us some baby birds soon!