Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The rest of my Bear-thday...

THANKS everyone for all the nice comments and bearthday wishes you left me. Let's see now, I was just getting to my presents and cards in my last post. Of course, in getting to them I dumped my cake. I was so anxious to get to my presents, mom said I could have another one later.
First I opened one from the guys.

It says it's a magic towel. Look it has a bear crossing sign on it. I can't believe it's really an 11.8" towel, it's so small. Mom said maybe I could show you all when I make it grow, I'm excited about that. Thanks guys.
Next, I opened one of my cards.
It says A Special Birthday Wish...
inside it says " For a special bear. Hope you get the royal treatment you deserve today!" It's from the guys, Scruffy, Buster, Cocoa,Jeffery, Barnes and Sam.
This one is from my dad. Humm, I wonder what this one is? It's the same size as the magic towel.
Oh Wow! It's a bear-size tape measure! Now I can measure things! Measuring things is one of my favorite things to do!
Another card...
this one's from mom and dad.
Okay, whose the wise guy? I don't have bad breath!
Beary funny Cocoa. Cocoa laughed and said he got them because they were honey flavor.

My last present is the biggest one, it's from mom and dad.
Barnes and Scruffy moved closer as I opened it. Barnes kept asking what is it?
Yahoo! It's a a Cowbear hat! Just what I wanted!
Howdy! Thanks every one for the best party I ever had. Sorry it has taken so long to get this posted, ya just can't get good help these days.

Well grr-bye for now,



Marlowe said...

Wow! What a great set of birthday presents!!

Will said...

That is one very sharp looking hat, Buttons! Looks like a great birthday!

Sullivan McPig said...

Great presents! And I'm glad you got a new piece of cake after dropping the first.

Hammie Hamster said...

I have a magic towel too! Sullivan gave it to me! You have to make pictures very fast because the change from little package to towel goes very fast! It's a lot of fun to watch that Buttons! Your hat is real COOL!