Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Own Day, and it's not my Bearday?...

It was brought to my attention by a friend that I had my own special day on the calander this month.
So I checked it out for myself.

Sure enough, there it was on the 21st. Count Your Buttons Day! Can you believe it?
Today is Count Your Buttons Day! Wow, now how to celebrate? I got the buttons down from mom's sewing room.
Those are mom's Janet Kruskamp prints, Teddy Bear Wear the other one is Teddy Bear Workshoppe.
Button buttons, I got the Buttons.
How many buttons do you see?
Cocoa, Barnes and I took them for a spin.
We had fun!!

Happy Count Your Buttons Day!

Grr-bye for now,



Sullivan McPig said...

Wow, that looks like fun. I wonder if there's a count your McPigs day as well.

John R Dallas Jr said...

Braxton here (using Dad Bear's log-in since he won't give me my own -- yet!). When I complained to the big guy around here about not having my own Annual Braxton Day, I was told "every day is Braxton Day." I must have forgotten. Well, except for your day, Buttons, it's all yours. You guys look like you are having a lot of fun. Braedon and Bulleit leave me out of most of their games. I show them thies photos. Here's to you, Buttons! Grrr from Bear Tower, home these days to a rather large number of city bears . . .

Marlowe said...

One of Mom's friends sent her a message saying that November 16th is National Button Day. Googling it only brings up 'wacky holiday' kind of things, no history of it though. I'm assuming it's because it's a secret and it's all about you!

Buttons the Bear said...

I have never see a count your swine day, sorry.

Hey Braxton, I You should be happy that every day is Braxton Day. Say hi to all the bears there in Bear Tower.

Thanks for the information, I had no idea that in addition to Count Your Buttons Day there was a National Button Day! Hummm what will I do to celebrate? I'll have to think about that.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Oh wow! I never sor suthc enormuss buttons befor! Or ar yu all micro-bears???

Hammie Hamster said...

It's always nice to have a special day beside your birthday! Hope you'll think of something nice to do! I don't think there's a hamster day... Or a special red day...

Buttons the Bear said...

No Bob, we are not micro-bears.

Where animals speak said...

Ha, ha ha! That looks like fun :-)
Is there turtle day or a green day?