Friday, July 15, 2011

Better Late Than Never Snapshots in Time...

Hi everybody! Sharing some last photos from my trip to New Hampshire. Sorry for the delay, my secre-beary has been busy with other matters.
 This is the Capitol Building - Concord, New Hampshire.

 That's real GOLD on the dome!
A beautiful church across the street from the Capitol. I like the red doors and the round window.
 They had pizza...
 Humph! I got leftovers, but I had to wait till we got home.
 Let me...
 entertain you.

That's Sam covering his eyes. He laughed so hard, he cried at my feeble attempt to entertain the troops.
Waiting while dad arranged to get a trailer hitch on grandma's car,
I spotted a giant ice cream cone.
Lot's of choices...
 What? They have Wild NH Black Bear ice cream?
 Awsomely cool, brand new rental car.
A quick stop by the Polar Caves.
Awesomely cool rental car. Varrrroooom!
A bad storm knocked out our power for 14 hours. I look scary!
Whew! Dad got the trailer backed in the garage just before the power went out.
This is Cubbs, he made the trip home in the car with me. Bunkey rode bumpity bump in the trailer.
 Just hanging on riding along.
Navigating sure is tiring.

Ohio cloud spam.

That's all folks, except to say that this Sunday is my Bearthday. Seems like it just crept up on me this year. Sure hope mom and dad remember, what with grandma staying at our house.

Oh well, grr-bye for now,



Jerry and Ben said...

Awesome photos Buttons! We especially like the last one, where you're relaxing, because we like to relax too after a day of travel or working in the garden.

Hammie Hamster said...

Congratulations on your bearthday Buttons! We hope you'll have a beary nice day with lots of cake and presents!

Jerry and Ben said...

A Beary Happy Burfday Buttons! Cheers and bear hugs from your pals Jerry and Ben!!