Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thud, Stomp, Bang, Pound, Pound, Pound...

Recently at my house
a building permit appeared in our front window.

Very early in the morning a great big truck arrived.
A man began sending roofing materials up a big conveyor belt to our roof. Thud,thud thud...
scrape scrape scrape, bang, bang, bang the sounds we heard all day long. Then it got strangely quite.
Hey, those are dad's ladders out back, he was up on the roof working on disconnecting our solar panels.
Shall we?
That's a long way up for a little bear. I think dad's ladder might not pass a safety inspection, see that rung? Hope it's secure.
 Here goes..
 Whew! I made it,
 and there are the solar panels. Normally, they aren't flat against the roof.
 When they are hooked up they are too hot for a bear to sit on. Hope I don't slide down and off the roof.
 Looks like they are ready to put a new flat roof on in the morning.
 There's dad's truck...
and mom's new car.
Looks like there will be more pounding tomorrow. Lots more pounding and banging. Got any aspirin?
It was so loud when they were dropping bundles of shingles today. Sometimes the whole house shook.

We are so grateful that the new roof was finished before we got some more really bad thunderstorms.

Grr-bye for now,



Hammie Hamster said...

I hope they don't make to much noise! We had builders here to, making new windows in our house, they did that some months ago. Now the painter has painted them and everything is looking really nice! Hope your roof is going to be very nice and good to, it's not so cool to have rain coming inside your home! I really enjoyed watching the men at work and learned a lot about how to make new windows in a home, but I couldn't help them because everything was to heavy for me...

Rebel said...

Wow Buttons, you were beary brave the way you climbed up that ladder... and all by yourself too! I'm impressed. I don't think I could have done that - I don't think my human lady would have been able to either.

Jerry and Ben said...

We love this adventure Buttons! You sure were up there high on the roof, were you scared? The roof of our house was redone this summer too, and we took out cold bottles of water for the roffers because they worked so hard. Hope you're doing well!

Marlowe said...

You got to climb the LADDER!! And sit on the roof! HOW COOL!