Thursday, April 23, 2009

Scruffy’s longest visit.

My little brother Scruffy moved away when our people-brother moved out shortly after college in 2005. Scruffy has only been back for brief visits a few times since. We bears miss his scruffy little face.

I should say that Scruffy was technically “bear-napped”! He’s really mom’s bear. My theory, he was brainwashed by Brother T. He told the little guy that he needed a roommate. That it would be a grand adventure and all.

Well Scruffy came to visit with us at the end of February. He told us his only big adventure is sitting up high on a shelf and how Brother T is hardly home. How he never gets to watch TV and hardly a movie, since Brother T hardly ever watches those. I don’t think he really wants to go home. Hehee technically he is really home.

Mom made him some new clothes.

A T-shirt so he won’t have to wear his sweater year round. She also made him a pair of jeans. Scruffy told me his favorite is the new jeans. Because he can now stand all on his own. Each time she finished something, Scruffy had to have his picture took so he could email them to Brother T.

We try to do fun things during his visits.We planted flower seeds; he thought he wouldn’t get to see them sprout. Scruffy helped me make birthday cubcakes for a friend. He was to go home on Easter; he begged to stay to color eggs.

(Above Left) That's me, Buster, Scruffy & Cocoa coloring eggs.
On Easter Scruffy had a chocolate disaster when his chocolate egg melted in his pocket. He claimed he was saving it for later. His pants & shirt got all dirty, while he was trying to get the egg out of his pocket. He had to stay till mom could wash his clothes. What some little bears won’t do to get out of leaving.

Well the long visit came to an abrupt end last night. Brother T dropped by no warning, visited a little while, scooped the little guy up and took him home. Wow, got to give him paws–up! He managed to eek out a month and a half visit this time.

I guess I’ve gotten ahead of myself. I haven’t told you about my family and how I came to live with them. I’ll tell that story soon.

Grr-Bye for now,



Cheryl Courtney Semick said...

Great story Scruffy! Mom said it was nice seeing you at Buttons' house last weekend. I'm keeping this short 'cuz I've gotta get back to chasing my sisters around the house.

Meow for Now!

Buttons the Bear said...

Oh Wednesday, Wednesday! That Run By Speed Reading Course isn't working for you. I'm telling the story about Scruffy. Your Mom did see Scruffy here last Friday night. It was good to see your mom last weekend too. Hope you caught up to your sisters.