Friday, May 1, 2009

My name is Buttons because...

My adoptive family was on what I now call “bear-cation,” in New Hampshire (dad’s interpretation; mom's on a hunt for a new bear).

That said, my mom says that I spoke to her heart with my eyes when she first saw me at the Yoken’s Adoption Center. My eyes said “Pick me, pick me, take me home!” I’m so glad I paid attention in the "How to use your eyes" class at the Bear Birthing Center in Korea.

Most of us bears come with what we call a tag name. Because my new mom didn’t think the tag name fit me, she needed to think of a new more appropriate name for me. Oh my, the name she came up with was a long one that I think is really embearassing too. I’ll tell you what it is and then we won’t ever bring it up again.

Ready, brace yourself.
It's Maple Sugar Candy Flavored Buttons. I couldn’t bearlieve it! I didn’t really like my tag name, but I liked the new name even less. I found myself wishing for my old name that didn’t fit. I must have looked bear-wildered and unhappy.

Yoken’s Restaurant and Gift Shop - located in Portsmouth, NH
since 194 they closed in 2004.
Just the big old sign

was left on my last visit in 2005. Do you see me?

Thank God she came to her senses. Once the heavy influence of seeing so many maple trees while riding home from the Adoption Center, and the sugar rush from the maple sugar candy she was eating left her brain she came to her senses. She decided because my name was so long that they would just call me Buttons for short. That has evolved into Buttons the Bear.

My family consists of mom, dad and my one and only people-sibling. Mom thinks that in my blog I should refur to my older brother as Brother T, Bro. T or just plain T. I think this is so as not to embearass him. He has since grown up, graduated from college and moved out on his own. I have lots of bear siblings because mom has been beary adoptive. She used to have a sign that read 'Teddy Bear Collector Orphans Welcome.'

I have grandparents that live here in Illinois and grandparents and bear cousins that live in New Hampshire. In this large hug we call a family, there are several bears from New Hampshire. Sometimes we talk about the White Mountains and how different it is here in the flatlands of Illinois.

Well that’s the story of my name and family. You will no doubt meet some of those siblings, at least of the bear variety, in upcoming postings.

Grr-bye for now,


Cheryl Courtney Semick said...

Hi Buttons!

What a great bear-ginning! (I'm getting this bear-language thing even though I'm a feline.)

Can you ask your Ma if she can adopt my sister Tawny? She's very annoying today.

Meow-for now!

LiiLiixX. said...

hey ! :) nice post about u life

Buttons the Bear said...

Hey Wednesday, my Mom said no on Tawny, you'll just have to deal with her. She only adopts bears, says we don't have to go to the vet to get those shots and we don't eat much cause we're stuffed. Ha! Have a good week-end!