Friday, July 17, 2009

Met a bee, but no honey...

We were recently at Chuckles house for a BBQ. We had Bro T's car as he had borrowed our truck. We also had the back seat bears Boston and Benzer along for the ride, but they stayed in the car. I took along the Peoria girls to the BBQ as I was allowed one guest, but I didn't think they would mind if both of the girls came. They wanted to see their mom, because they were missing her a bit. Bro T came and brought Scruffy along.

Scruffy told me all about his greeting.
Wow, look at the size of the flowers my cousin
bought his wife. He must love her a lot!

It seems baby Ethan had given Scruffy quite a greeting before we arrived. Four big kisses and some hugs. Upon hearing this, the girls, ever afraid of baby drool, weren't so sure they wanted to sit with in Ethan's reach. So they each chose a tall speaker on which to perch.

While outside for dinner I met a new friend. Her name is Beatrice Buzz BuzBee. She told me her story... She has lost her hat either to a neighbor kid or the wind. She says she now has trouble sensing direction, as her antenna are gone. She's been grounded by the Bee Control Tower, unable to make honey. Thus she came with the house. I just politely listened to her story. But anybeardy can see she is a delusional goose. No wonder she had no honey.

When it was time to go home Alyssa was trying to wake up Winnie. She'd fallen asleep during the movie/documentary everyone was watching. Though being on top of the speaker I don't know how. She was having trouble convincing her come back to my house. Scruffy and I were trying to help her when Chuckles, thought we were playing a game and jumped on top of us all.

He really needs to stop doing that sort of thing, as most of us bears are much older and our seams are not what they used to be. He is just a tad bigger than the rest of us and extremely rambunctious.

Riding home I was the only bear as we now had our truck back. I was feeling a bit lonely.The girls had stayed behind, they thought they'd see their mom more often. Also that they could size up their competition, their nephew Ethan. I told them to watch out for the drool and we left for home. The other girls at my house will be so disappointed they didn't come back.

Oh my! What we found Tigg and Cocoa up to when we got home. To all of you people out there, you just never know what bears left home will do to entertain themselves. But that's a story for another day.

Grr-bye for now,


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

WOW wat a grate post! An I agree, bayby drool is the werst an yu need to avoid that!

I sympathize abowt ageing seams. (Sigh...) tho we do all jump on eech uther rownd heer- sumwun showts BEAR BUNDLE!!! an thare's nuthin yu can do sept hope yu don't end up under Grayum's bottom end cos he can be a bit farty.

Lookiong forward to the next installment!

Sir Woodstock said...

What a great outdoor event.
We are tooo wet, for such things!
Indoor tea is the best I can host.