Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Skunks and Forgotten Bearthdays...

What do skunks and my forgotten bearthday have in common? They both stink!

Since I joined the bloggasphere several of the bears I've met have talked about or celebrated their bearthday/adoption day. I asked mom to help me research mine. Mom always told me when I'd ask that it was in August. Because they adopted me while they were on a bear-cation in New Hampshire. She remembered that they took those trips in August just before Brother T would go back to school. I always accepted that, but this year I had to know for sure.

Yesterday, when I read my friend Sir Woodstock's posting, I saw those cute little bear cakes. I pressed mom again to open my adoption papers. For you people reading this, that meant she had to go back in the archives of receipts. Fortunately my dad never throws those away and they are organized by year. So last night we looked through July and August receipts over a three year period. Mom said it was kind of like looking for bear in a haystack. I think that's how she worded it.

Ta-Daaaah! We found it, a credit card receipt from Yoken's in Portsmouth, NH. But it was dated July, not August!
Mom says because its a charge receipt I can't show you the the actual receipt. So here is a facsimile.Not only does it say July, but it's the 17th! That was last Friday! Man, I missed it! Oh, my...I now know my adoption date, July 17, 1991, yep, I just turned 18 and I didn't even know it. I am really bummed! What's a bear to do? It stinks!

Jeffery and Cocoa tried to console me telling me it didn't matter. They didn't know their bearthdays/adoption dates, and they were fine with it.We don't celebrate bearthdays around here only, the people birthdays. If we did we'd be having a party almost every day because there are so many bears living here. A party every day, I don't see a problem with that, do you?


Now about that skunk...

The last several nights we've had a stinky skunk passing through our backyard. Well this morning dad announced we'd caught something in our Hav-a-heart chipmunk trap and it wasn't the usual chipmunk, local squirrel or bird. Lately, we've been catching a little wren. It must like peanuts and peanut butter because it keeps going in there. I think we live on the chipmunk highway, no sooner is one caught and displaced and there are two more digging homes under our patio. Not good for the patio. But last night we caught the stinky little skunk. There it was trying to sleep.Can you see it? Look closer. You can bearly make out a couple of whisps of black and white fur.

Dad hemmed and hawed about how to get it out of the trap without getting sprayed. Mom suggested he sneak up on it by go out through the garage, rather than the basement door, and try to open the trap door and run. Oh and to put on some clothes he wouldn't mind burning if things went awry.

Well I am happy to report dad was able to de-skunk the cage without getting sprayed. He was happy too. Dad in his clothes he wouldn't mind burning.Dad sneaked in so quietly and fast that we missed getting any more pictures of the release. But I bet dad doesn't leave the trap baited at night again. I hope that skunk will pick someone else's yard to forage in.

Well, sniff, sniff, but not too deeply, mom thinks the skunk is holed up under the front porch. She caught a little whiff as she got the mail a little while ago, the same thing happened yesterday.




Sir Woodstock said...

My dear fellow - what can I say, to miss your 18th bearday by 4 days is awful - my sincere commiserations!
I will ensure you get a pawty invite to mine in November.

On the smelly skunk front, thankfully I have no experience.
But mother recalls see them when in Canada - the farm in Saskatchewan had a young family under one of the grain elevators.
She always gave it a wide birth but did see the youngsters from a distance.
She hopes you skunk, slinks off soon.


Orso Bear, Esq said...

Best belated greetings, Buttons old fellow.
Mr Orso Bear, Esq

Buttons the Bear said...

A heartfelt thanks for your commiserations.

On the skunk front, dad confirmed mom's porch suspicion when he came home yesterday. He checked again this morning, reported no skunk.
Maybe its gone, we'll see...

Looking forward to Novembear Sir.


Thanks for belated wishes.


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Oh Buttons, wat a callamity! Wat a insult! I hope yu pooed in sumthing very deer to them. Or ate all thare choklits. Or open the biskit barrel, poize yor behind over the rim an leev a jolly Bearayshus fart in thare an shut the lid kwik.

Sumtimes hewmans just don't hav enuff respekt for us, yu kno.

Buttons the Bear said...

Oh Bob,
I don't think I could do any of those things you suggested. There are about 150 bears around here. This is a rather large hug. I wouldn't be able to keep track of that many bearthdays either.

Mom felt terrible about it, so I said I forgave her. I did eat a lot of her chocolate and red licorice, I just left a piece or two.

I suggested we have one great big bearthday party and celebrate every bear's day. She said, "we'll see". Hmm, that is a lot of presents. I'll keep ya posted.