Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fall and Apple Picking...

Fall is my favorite time of year! We had an early hard frost on Saturday night it was mid to upper 20's. Brrrrrr! The weatherbears said it was unseasonably cold, it usually doesn't get this cold till Novembear.

Last Sunday was a beautiful crisp fall day. The trees are really just starting to change by us. But after that cold snap they will be changing fast. Mom was wanting to take a ride and see if there was more color on the trees. So dad drove us north to Woodstock to see what we could see. On the way we did see a few trees that were changing.

We ooooooo'd and ahhhhh'd appropriately.

Scruffy and I heard mom on her cell phone talking with Mrs. G. who lives in Woodstock. She was asking about an apple orchard and how to get there. Pretty soon Mr. G. called on dad's phone to give directions, dad handed the phone to mom since he was driving.

So Scruffy and I got out the map to start navigating the way. Then mom's cell phone rang, it was Mrs. G., she said just come to their house and they'd go along with us to pick apples.

We saw some more pretty trees as Mr. G. drove us to the orchard.

Sorry the photo is blurry, but he was moooving really fast. Mrs. G. told us a little about the Edward's Apple Orchard on the way. Back on January 7th, 2008 they were hit by a tornado. You can see pictures of the tornado damage here, the orchard doesn't seem to have their own website. Mostly just things written about it by other sources.

They have big horses, I think they were Morgans, that pulled a trolley wagon ride through the orchard and pumpkin patch. We didn't ride on that and we didn't take a picture of it either. Mom said we had to save camera battery for important pictures of me and Scruffy picking apples. They also had great big flat bed wagons they pulled by tractors to take people out to the orchard to pick their apples. Again no photo, as me and Scruff rode in a tote bag.

Once we got into the orchard, my dad wasted no time in reaching the apples, even if he had to climb the tree. I think they had ladders available for the way up high apples, but would my dad use one?

What's the saying? Little bear see, little bear do. Whoa, Scruffy, not so high!

Scruffy had raced up the next tree.

Showing no fear, must come from living on the 30th floor.

I on the other paw was a little slower, there were some fine apples growing right in front of me.

Scruffy had climbed up the tree while I was still admiring the interesting fungus growing on the trunk.

I did climb the tree to pick some apples. Wow this looks like a good one.

I eventually got as high as Scruffy. Look at Scruffy the celebearty! Mom had suggested I lend Scruffy my polar fleece vest as his sweater was in Chicago and there was a cold nip in the air. He insisted on wearing my sunglasses and baseball hat too.

We picked Jonagolds, Empire, and Jonathans in our basket. Mr. & Mrs. G. picked Golden and Red Delicious.

We all had a great time in the orchard. The apples taste so fresh and are so crisp!

Mom said she thought they were kind of high priced, but not the highest she saw listed for local orchards, but plenty high. I think they are rolling a charge for the experience. Scruffy & I were tired after the apple picking so we rested in the car while the people went and shopped in the new big barn. They bought Raspberry fudge and some Amaretto fudge, Corn Salsa and a surprise for my Brother T.. Mr. & Mrs. G. bought some of the same, but in addition some warm apple donuts. The donuts were yummy, they shared.

Grr-bye for now,


Sally Ann and Andy said...

What helpful bears you are. Did you get to eat any?
Sally Ann

Marlowe said...

We have an apple orchard in our front yard! No one sprays them to deter the bugs, so they're not all nice enough to eat. We all could still go and pick some of them and take pictures though!

I hope you did at least get one apple! And you did get to see the horses! We love horses around here.

Poopsie aka Blue said...

I have been telling Mother for days that I needed to come and visit you but she kept getting side tracked!!!

Your apple picking adventure looked fun, do so admire your tree climbing skills Buttons.
We have two apples trees in our garden but being elderly I just watched Mother do all the work of picking.

Keep warm all.

Aunt Cheryl said...

Yummy! Looks like you all had so much fun at the Orchard. That Scruffy sure can climb. Glad you overcame your fear of climbing and got to join him in the tree. I like the pic of my brother in the tree too!


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Oaky is goin to looz his leevs soon. I feel sorry for him.

Granny haz appol an pear trees in her garden an she leevs them for the berds to eet, wich they do, an they seem very grayteful.


DILLY said...