Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Visiting, Art and New Bear Orientation...

Recently we took a little ride up to my Aunt and Uncle's. We had to deliver a rug. Scruffy and I took the opportunity to visit with the Peoria Girls, Allysa and Winnie. Perhaps, they should now be known as the girls formerly from Peoria.

Allysa introduced Scruffy to her little friend, Odie.

While Scruffy visited a little while with Allysa, I caught up with Winnie. She told me how much they love living together again with their mom and dad. They are so glad to once again be the center of attention, now that they don't have to compete with the cats.

They served us some yummy brownies. My Aunt Cheryl gave me a coupon for free coffee, she knows I like to share mom's coffees and cappuccinos. She has never seen me after I have had one all to myself, heehee, a bear on caffeine and sugar.

While I visited some more with Winnie and Odie, Allysa showed Scruffy around the condo.

She pawsed to point out her favorite picture. I think it looks like they are at the art museum, heehee!

Scruffy talked all the way home about the painting of the ladies in the long white dresses. Allysa had told him all about how it's called "Summer" painted in 1909 by Frank Weston Benson an American Impressionist artist. He lived, painted and taught in New England. Scruffy continued to tell us all he'd learned from Allysa. She told him about a big book my aunt has, that she has read about Edmund Charles Tarbell, another American Impressionist Artist. I told him that on my last trip to New Hampshire, grandma and grandpa pointed out Tarbells summer home in New Castle. They said the home is still in the family.

Scruffy was certainly impressed by Allysa's art knowledge, he seemed to soak it up like a sponge. Must be something be something he's picked up living in the city.

New Bear Orientation:
Last week Scruffy and I met with some of the new bears and got them settled into different parts of the house.

This group is the fancy lady bears, and Paddy McDoogle.

Cocoa and Buffy sat in on my meeting with these young ones. I have decided that I will show you the rest of the orientation class photos over the next several postings. Then I plan to introduce the new bears and show you where they are living occasionally over the winter. This is a huge job orientating 38 new bears all at once, it's going to take time.

Grr-bye for now,


Marlowe said...

Your trip to see your aunt and uncle seems like a lot of fun.

At least you seem to have a plan for your new bear orientation. It must make it seem a little bit more manageable.

Sally Ann and Andy said...

You are a good bear leader.
Sally Ann