Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Easter 2

Last week my new friend Bally, a turtle that lives in Spain, sent me a chocolate Easter egg. I have been checking my mailbox for it's arrival.

My mom told me that sometimes it takes a long time for mail and packages to arrive from overseas. I even checked yesterday, on Easter, as it hadn't come on Saturday. I know that there is no mail delivery on Sundays, but I thought maybe
because it's an Easter Egg, the mail people would make an egg-ception to be sure it was delivered. When I looked inside the mailbox, it was not empty, there it was!
Thank you Bally, it's a beautiful Easter egg. I went inside to find our Easter basket. We got chocolate eggs, jelly beans and chocolate cars and peeps,
and I got boots!

We went to my grandpaw and grandma's for dinner, I took my boots with.  While waiting for dinner, I tried on the boots.
They fit hooray!Then I checked out grandma's Easter eggs.
Shhh... don't tell her I was walking on the table in my new boots. The eggs were silk-dyed using some of my grandpaw's old silk ties about five years ago.  After Easter my grandma put them back in her extra refrigerator, where they eventually got shoved to the back and forgotten.  She realized they were still in there shortly before the next Easter, got them out to throw away, took one out and shook it. She could hear the egg yolk rattle inside, she shook another and dropped it, the egg shattered, it's insides were totally dried out. She says the frost-free refrigeration dehydrated the eggs inside their shells. She put them out that year with warn with a "do not eat" warning. She doesn't keep them in the refrigerator anymore, but has used them every year since.
I like grandma's bunny bowl.

Next, I checked out the jelly beans, I love jelly beans!!
Cocoa was sitting right there and he told me I shouldn't eat any because I'd spoil my dinner. I told him I was afraid there wouldn't be any left with all those hungry bunnies around. Cocoa promised he'd keep guard of the jelly beans.

We ate dinner and then celebrated mom's friend E's birthday,
my grandma made her a pretty cake.
See the rope basket/bowl on the corner of the table? My mom made it with her sewing machine, here's another picture of it taken at home.
Oh, there's my egg from Bally again.
After dinner Scruffy started hamming it up for the camera,
then Buster joined him.
Then Scruffy and I tried out Brother T's new ipaw oops, I mean ipad.
Looks like Scruffy is going to have fun with that new toy. Scruffy was still dragging his dead balloon around, said he wanted to take it back to the city a souvenir of his visit.

I tried to get this posted on Monday, but have been having photo upload issues.

Well grr-bye for now,



Sullivan McPig said...

Looks like a fun Easter!
Your boots look very cool!

Marlowe said...

Now you can go stomping in the rain like I want to! I hope your mom has a raincoat! Mine doesn't and won't let me go!

Buttons the Bear said...

Sadly, I don't have a rain coat or an umbrella. I think they will be useful for gardening and I can't wait till I can use them with my ski's!

Where animals speak said...

Hi Buttons!
you have my Easter Egg now! I'm really happy! ^^
Looks you have an interesting Easter! :)
Bally is eating all his chocolate eggs, but there are a lot yet. Do you like my chocolate egg?

Hugs! :-)

Aunt Cheryl said...

Hi Buttons,

Looks like you had a good time at Grandma and Grandpa's on Easter!

I love the clothesline basket that your Ma made me for my birthday, it's one of my favorite gifts!

Can't wait to see your post with the pictures from when UP and I were over, you know, the one where you were reading my new book?