Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The floods come up...

Just a quick word, we are doing a massive clean-up this week. We had some flooding and sewer back-up in our basement with last Friday nights storms. Saturday morning I spent comforting some of the bears, and one hare.
They bearly missed getting wet. They'd have been goners,
if it weren't for the plastic bag mom put in the bottom of the box.

We had a dumpster delivered today,
I am staying far away from that!!

Today I've been helping mom wash my brother T's Lego bricks,
the box they were in got wet. 
After watching the Lego bricks dry,
I had to check to see if they still worked.

Other than that I have just basically been trying to stay out of the way. There is a whole lot of pitching going on around here.

Mom wanted me to tell you that so many other people had it much worse than we did. This has just expedited a much needed clean-out. I'll be back when things have gotten back to normal around here.

Grr-bye for now,



Hammie Hamster said...

I'm very happy that the lego bricks survived the flood! At G.'s knows someone that cleans them by sowing them into a pillow cover and putting them in the machine that washes cloths! Hope that everything stays dry now!

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Oh dear! Glad you are all saved. Reminds me of when Piglet did a 'very brave thing' when they got flooded.

Marlowe said...

You got to play with a salad spinner?! That is SO cool. I wish they would make bear sized ones!

I'm glad that you and your friends are safe from the flood!

Buttons the Bear said...

We were all happy the bears in that box didn't get wet.

Granny K, thanks for reminding me about Pooh and Piglet. I think I will have my dad look for those books when he ventures into the crawlspace.

Marlowe, I've heard stories from a long retired Mickey, that mom had a bigger lettuce spinner once. He said he used to go spinning with the help of Brother T. I guess that was a Mouse sized spinner, heehee.

Will said...

Glad to hear that the bears in the box are safe and sound, and I hope the legos got all cleaned up. I like legos a bunch. Good luck with the rest of the cleanup, and staying away from that dumpster sounds like a really good idea.