Monday, August 16, 2010

Garden stroll delayed...

I took a garden stroll shortly before the storm that flooded our basement and rained in our ceiling. I've been waiting to share those pictures with you.
These impatients look a little thirsty. Looks like dad needed to mow the grass.
I like this rose color, hummm, they're thirsty too. We sure needed rain.
Well, it looks like the weeds are doing better than the wave petunias. They have been battling to live in spite the rabbits.
Well, grandpaw's birdhouse made it through winter, sort of. Only one apartment is inhabitable.
Look we have a renter, it's a little wren. She's  been squawking at me the whole time I've been wandering about the flower bed. I think she is the one the chased the cardinals off. She may sing pretty, but she is a meanie.
The phlox are so tall, I had to climb the fence. These are the flowers that made me want to take a walk around the garden. Our neighbors are getting ready to build a new shed, you can see the forms for the foundation.
I hope you've enjoyed my garden tour.

Well grr-bye for now,



Hammie Hamster said...

What a lovely garden tour! We like all your flowers Buttons!

Marlowe said...

I like the phlox too. We don't have a flower garden, just a vegetable garden. It doesn't make as pretty pictures!

DILLY said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww LUVly flowers an cewt, cewt ickol wren! Aww!