Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hibearnation news and admirers...

Grr-morning all,

This morning I found an email from my Chicago Bear friend Braxton. I must insert a disclaimer here.
He is not a membear of "The Chicago Bears - NFL team", but he is a bear, and he does live in Chicago with other bears.
I won't be able to tell you all of their names, I don't think I have met them all, but some of them have visited me and appeared here on my blog. That's Braxton (down front with his paw in the air), Benzer (directly behind him), Lisle and Brooks (2nd and 3rd from the L), Pittsbeargh (center with open mouth), Braeden (to R of Pittsbeargh in sweater), my bro Scruffy, next to him is Bulleit (back row) My apologies to the bears I missed and for the black spot, the lamp and it's reflection were too distracting. Now back to the email...

Braxton saw an article about bears he thought I might like to share here on my blog. 
In addition to the article, there are a couple of videos of hibernating black bears.
Hibernating bears 'A Metabolic Marvel' .

To quote Braxton "Now we are asking the big guy to make a new sign for the door on this space in which we sleep: Hibernaculum Yes, hibernaculum.  Hummmm….Well, it is about time people hear about how we humble bears are superior."

Braxton, I think that's a great idea to have proper signage there at Bear Tower. Thanks for sharing.

Not all of the bears that live here hibearnate. I bearsonally manage to get by on nightly sleep and an occasional nap. But there is one , Snowbeary, that I've been trying to encourage back into his sleeping den. (the linen closet) I told him he has performed his Snow Dance enough this winter, we are ready for Spring.

I addition to that, since Valentine's Day, I've been trying to figure out

who my secret admirer is. Hope you all had a Happy Valentine's Day!

One more thing, last night I was visiting my friends at The Many Adventures of Jerry and Ben . To my surprise I found that Jerry, a budding bear artist, had drawn my portrait. Great job Jerry, and thanks for the honor.

Grr-bye for now,



Jerry and Ben said...

Oh my gosh, what a fun bear party! Looks like you have many nice pals Buttons.

Hammie Hamster said...

Ooooh, what a great picture!!!! It looks so cosy all together!!!!