Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snow Day Fun, part II...

After I skied I went sledding with Scruffy.


I took a turn by myself. Jeffery joined us. He told us he thought he saw the abominable snowman.
Scruffy and I both just laughed, yeah right! Jeffrey jumped on as we were sledding down the hill.
Whoa...wipe out!
Scruffy told me on this trip down the hill he wanted to build a Snowbear. I told him he could try, but I didn't think the snow was the right kind to build a Snowbear. Scruffy said he was going to try. Jeffery and I went back to the snow cave.

Suddenly we heard Scruffy screaming HELP!!!


Oh no!!!
There really was an Abominable Snowman and he had Scruffy!

We were heading to help when suddenly Abominable just let Scruffy go.
He quickly joined us at the snow cave.
 We asked Scruffy if he was really scared. Scruffy said "Na, he told me he just wanted a bear hug!"

"Hummm," Jeffery wondered out loud, "You don't suppose this is his cave?" I said, "I don't know, but I'm ready for some hot chocolate with marshmallows and to get warm.

Brrr-bye for now, please stay warm,



Aunt Cheryl said...

Dear Buttons,

I'm so glad your friend Scruffy wasn't hurt by the abominable snowman! Phew! Was that, in fact, his cave? Looked like fun sledding.

Miss you,

Jerry and Ben said...

Wow, what a lot of fun Buttons! We love to go sledding too. Did you have hot chocolate after?

Jerry and Ben said...

Did you get an ice storm today too Buttons? We're rather go outside and play, but now have to stay inside.

Oh, if you send your address, Jerry will send his drawing to you.