Friday, March 4, 2011

It's here, a package for me...

Recently, my friend Jerry drew a portrait drew a portrait of me. A package arrived for me a couple of days ago from Jerry and Ben.
Cocoa, Barnes and Buster gathered around as I opened it. Barnes was so excited, he started throwing
the birthday confetti left from celebrating Brother T's birthday the day before.
Looks like Jerry drew a picture of Ben and himself on each side of the package.
Do you see them? Guys, I think there's more in this package than the picture Jerry drew.
Let's see...there's a cool picture of Jerry and Ben at Cloudgate, it's the same one they use on their blog. We live near by and have never been there. Cocoa announced he was adding a trip to see "The Bean" to his bucket list. I reminded him that Scruffy, who lives with Bro. T. downtown Chicago, hasn't even been there. Cocoa responded, a bear can dream.
Ahh, my portrait! I love it. Jerry, you are a beary talented bear artist, I think you have captured a true likeness. I want to frame it like my friend Hammie did his.
While I was busy posing with my portrait, the guys got into the goody bag.
 Barnes glitched on to the Pooh Bear Pez dispenser with such lightning speed. I told him he was going to have to share the candy. Cocoa took the peppermint bearth mints and Buster thought the chocolate hazelnut candy bar was to his liking. I like the pens, they will come in handy to write notes to friends.

Thank-you so much for everything, it's fun to get mail. I apologize for my secrabeary's slowness in posting. I had to extract her from her latest project to type for me. She was knee deep in decades of family photos. She is scanning them all in an effort to preserve them. She claims to have found some of my baby pictures, back when I was fluffy. Oh my I didn't recognize myself!

Well grr-bye for now,



Jerry and Ben said...

Hi Buttons! We're glad you enjoyed the package and your photo! Jerry sure did have fun drawing it. Don't forget to share the treats with your friends!

Hammie Hamster said...

Hello Buttons,

Are you going to frame the picture?

Aunt Cheryl said...

Hey Buttons, congrats on your portrait! You're now a star!! I'm glad you mentioned your bucket list, it reminded me to put down the Library of Congress on my bucket list. Funny how reading someone's blog brings up other random thoughts...anyway...I'm so glad you have good bear-friends!

Enjoy your goodies and frame that portrait!


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

DAT'S BRILLYENT!!!!!!!!!! TEEHEE!!!!!!

I'm bak by the way!!! Pleez come to my blog- I need fotoes for Tchewsday!!!!