Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The silver lining...

The day after our excitement last week, Scruffy and I went outside for a little fresh air.
"Look what I found growing in the tall grass Buttons." said Scruffy.

"Wow, Scruffy, it's an impatient that grew from the seed from one of last years plants." said Buttons.
"I'm going to rescue it from dad's lawn mower with my trusty shovel" said Scruffy.
 "Scruffy that's a great idea!" said Buttons "If it weren't for all the excitement last night dad would have mowed it down. Scruffy, that's not a shovel...."
"First, we need to find a spot to transplant it. I think there's still some room in this flower pot."
"Now, this is a shovel!" said Buttons. "The right tool for the job.
There, I think the little fella will be quite happy now. Great rescue Scruffy".

"Err...thanks?" mumbled Scruffy as he just shook his head.

grr-bye for now,


Jerry and Ben said...

We love to garden too! It's nice to have a friend help when you're gardening, and it makes the time go more quickly. Ireland is so green and full of flowers, you would love it!

Hammie Hamster said...

Glad to see that you could relax a bit after the terrible event you told us before!!! Gardens are always nice to spend time in!

SchneiderHein said...

You are perfect gardeners!