Monday, July 20, 2009

What bears will do when left alone...

While I was gone with mom and dad to Chuckles house last Sunday Tigg started exploring. Now Tigg is still rather new to our hug. He's still in that I'll try anything stage of life. This is what we caught Tigg and Cocoa doing when we got home Cocoa was pretending to be a pirate with his light sabor as a sword. He said the light helped Tigg see as he climbed up to the crow's nest. Bet you are wondering what that thing is they're climbing on, right?

Well, over the 4th of July Brother T brought this home and left it in the hallway. He decided he didn't have a place for it his new home. Truth be told he's getting new furniture. It had been in the hallway for a week now waiting for dad to put it up in the attic. You may have notice it there in the photo of us watching fireworks on TV. Tigg had been secretly eying
it all week. He'd decided that he and Cocoa would check it out further while we were away. He was sure it was something just for just for bears.

Mom being a mom, told them they better get down before one of them got hurt. You know how mom's can be, over cautious kill joys! They'd probably been doing it all day, and neither one of them looked hurt, a little tired maybe. Oh well it was time for bed anyway.

It reminded me of the true story my grandpa tells. A family who had all boys. One day the mother saw her youngest son had climbed way up in a tree. Now her boys weren't allowed to do such things, because they didn't have medical insurance. She saw him up the tree and yelled at him to get down and added if you get hurt, I'm going to kill you.


A couple of nights later mom was upstairs sewing. Dad let us climb and play on it as long as we wanted.

So I joined in this time.

We had a great time.

That's Rusty down on the bottom; that's as high as he got, short legs.

Still wondering what those things are? Dad wanted to take some pictures of it all put together before it went to the attic. They are leg stanctions from a set of shelves my dad designed.

My dad and mom built them way back when they were first married. It used to have 8 foot shelves, but somewhere through the years they split it in two and made two more legs stanctions. So I guess its not a one of anymore. Some of the parts remind me of pictures I've seen of Tinker Toys.

I can see why Scruffy's says one of his interests is dust removal. Dad didn't notice the dust till mom pointed it out in the pictures. Hmmm...does it run in the family?

Oh Well, grr-bye till next time,



Cheryl Courtney Semick said...

Cool fun! Oh to be a bear again...


Sir Woodstock said...

Good morning all!

My what fun you have had!
Not sure I have a head for heights myself, besides which with my bad neck, I think I would have just watch.
But, if it keeps raining here I might have to learn to climb to keep my mohair dry!

By, the way do come & take a peak @ the cakes Mother found yesterday.

Hugs from your friend

PS - for some reason I can only see a blank square with a small x in corner for your first photograph!
Will check back latter as do like to see everythinh