Monday, August 17, 2009

Sleep walkers and air shows...

It was Sunday late afternoon, and I was about to settle down for a nap, when an unseasonal visitor walked into the room.
This is Snowbeary, he was sleep walking. He is one of the Christmas bears in our hug. He was hibearnating in the deep recesses of the linen closet.

It seems my dad was in there getting a light bulb. He obviously made too much noise and then left the door open. Snowbeary doesn't wake-up till the first snow flys.
I just kept telling him over and over again "you're sleepy, you're getting so sleepy". Finally he fell asleep,and dad put him back in the closet and locked the door.
Now, hopefully, we won't see him again till after Thanksgiving.

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Scruffy's Air Show...

Scruffy was a little upset that he didn't get back into Chicago in time for the Air and Water Show. He had hoped to watch the planes from the 30th floor apartment he shares with our Brother T. because he'd heard from his Chicago friend Braxton last week that the planes were flying past the building practicing for the show. He was rather inconsolable, so we promised him we'd watch the broadcast version on Sunday night.

We gathered in front of the TV to watch. One good thing about big TV's, at times it seems like you are there or better.
Way cool!
Is that Snoopy or the Red Baron?
Whoa, look out Scruffy, they are parachuting right in here!Wow, their flipping over again! I never saw a chopper do that before.
Wow! That was cool, I probably wouldn't have see as much from the 30th floor.

That's right Scruff, the planes would have been flown by so fast and besides that Brother T doesn't own a TV, so you wouldn't have seen this.

Well that's all for now,


Sir Woodstock said...

Now, I know why my Christmas and Snow White bears are soooooooooo grumpy - they are not choosing to hibernate!!!
I suggested they got a nap today & so be refeshed for December and consequently earnt myself clipped ear!

Mothers sends her thanks for your kind words.

Buttons the Bear said...

My deepest apologies on the clipped ear. Sounds like its a little more serious than grumpy. Obviously they were well overdue for that nap!

We are grateful Snowbeary was the only polar to come wandering out.

Continued best regards to you and your mother.