Monday, September 7, 2009

Bear Tower Bearchelor Pad... part II

Braxton's dad came down to my Brother T and Scruffy's bearchelor pad after we had eaten our pizza dinner. He was there in time for dessert and visiting. Mom had made a batch of homemade Vanilla Ice Cream and brought it along with chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Brother T had bought these lovely big peaches from the farmers market.
(The only photo of the peaches was in a photo shot from the balcony, through the screen door.) He peeled and cut them up and served them over the ice cream. My mouth is watering just remembering how good it was. Apologies again on the photo, Brother T not only cut up the peaches, but requested that I cut up the photo as well, for his own bearsonal reasons. Hee hee, I left his legs in.

Scruffy & I spent a little time on Bro. T's computer. I told you Scruffy, you can get my blog on his computer!

Don't let him get away telling you can't get it in the city, Scruffy, after all it is the World Wide Web. Scruffy was complaining that he doesn't get much time online when he's around Brother T. That's something he'd like to change.

After dessert Braxton's dad invited us upstairs. He wanted us to see the view, and he knew that we bears had a special meeting to hold. Braxton and Scruffy had been in contact via email while he was at our house. Together with mom they had finalized a design for a top secret surprise for the wee lads. So we all got in the elevator and went up two floors.

We introduced Barnes to his Scottish cousins, identical cousins every one. Their dad is of Scottish ancestry, thus they live in a Scottish hug. I didn't see any kilts, bear-sized or other-wise.

Hee Hee, It was pretty hard to tell all them apart. We had to have a "tell" to identify our Barnes before he mingled with all the look a-likes. He has a thread at his right hip that needs to be trimmed. Mom left it for identifying purposes, see if you can see it when you see his photo.

Bulleit (pronounced Bullet) and Braedon live with Braxton. Lisle and Brooks live with Scruffy, these two aren't Scottish. Barnes lives with us in the burbs. If I showed you a photo of them meeting Barnes, the matter of our mission would be prematurely compromised. You will see his picture later.

All the people guests took turns looking at the beautiful view from the balcony.

We wanted to see the view too. Mom and dad took some more photos because, once again, the No Bears on Balconies rule applied. You'd think the building would post warning signs, I didn't see any. On Braxton's side of the building mom said there were added dangers for bears being on balconies; one being two floors higher, the other a chance of landing in the swimming pool if the bear blew off the balcony.

While everyone visited, Braxton, Skipper and I got on with the business at be continued in a first time three part episode next time. Sorry for the tease, but this just seemed to be getting too long, even for a long winded bear. And since I forgot to tell you at the beginning to get yourself some tea with honey. I will say that everyone, people included had a great time at Braxton's, but there is more...

Well, grr-bye for now,



Sir Woodstock said...

Good Afternoon Buttons!

Your city adventure continues I see and you are a tease.
Those cousins certainly have a very, very strong family resemblance - I would been my glasses to tell them apart.

Hugs to all

Buttons the Bear said...

There was an advertisement for many years for a hair color. Only her hairdresser know for sure. Well only their adopters know for sure who is who. They are a handful!

Hugs and best wishes,

Marlowe said...

I wonder if they pretend to be each other for a joke?

Buttons the Bear said...

I think Braedon and Bulleit kept doing that. Ha, ha, I noticed that one of them is now wearing a gold pin that says "Think Big". That ended the identity swapping with them, but when Lisle is with them I think there are still some double takes.

They can be sneaky.