Saturday, September 12, 2009

Our garden helpers...not!

This morning I heard mom getting mad at the squirrels. I think she used a word she usually doesn't use. It must not be appropriate for bears, because afterwords, I heard her say excuse my French. She doesn't speak French, and only knows a little Spanish and German. Anyways she had looked out at the salad table to see how the fall crop was coming. She recently replanted the spinach and mesclun lettuces and now the squirrels have been digging in there uprooting the little seedlings.

So I slipped outside with her. While she was busy fixing the mess the critters made I thought I'd check on my carrots and bachelor buttons. You remember, the ones I planted in mom's window box planter along side her petunias and marigolds. What's this?
That's not a marigold!I didn't plant any sunflowers and I know mom didn't either. Must have been those darn chipmunks and their bird seed. There's a tiny spider on the flower petal. Let's see if I can get a closer look at him.Hey, where did he go? I couldn't find any of my carrots growing in there either. I asked mom if she pulled them out earlier in the summer, she said no. She admitted she had seen some of them growing in there, but every time she filled in holes left by the chipmunks, she noticed they had pretty much dug the carrots up. Well at least they didn't get my bachelor buttons.

Well grr-bye for now,



Sally Ann and Andy said...

I'm sorry your carrots were eaten. On Monday, Charlie's new little big brother is here. You must meet him.
He is a bit shy. He is a very young bear.

Buttons the Bear said...

Can't wait to meet Charlie's little brother. I'll stop by on Monday.

I don't think my carrots got eaten, so much as they were up rooted by the chipmunks. Those guys are sure destructive to a bears gardening efforts.


Marlowe said...

Mom says some of the same things when the chipmunks mess up her begonias. He or she knocks them over and makes them lose their pretty flowers. It makes Mom pretty mad. We get baby seedlings in our plants that are planted by the chipmunk too.

Aunt Cheryl said...

Hi Buttons,

So...where did the itsy bitsy spider go? I'm scared of spiders.

Ok, bye!


Buttons the Bear said...

Chipmunks may be cute but they certainly are aggravating!

Aunt Cheryl,
The spider is hiding from me on the underside at the very tip of the leaf.

I don't like them either, I was trying to be brave! Last night mom rescued me from a big ant.


Orso Bear, Esq said...

Buttons my good man,
If you have a word with the chipmunks, and explain to them that they should leave the things growing in the garden alone, they'll soon realise that they have been behaving badly and mend their ways.
I have made many good friends among the local squirrels, but it is important to establish the rules of good behaviour first.
Do let me know if this proves a successful tactic.
Mr Orso Bear, Esq

Buttons the Bear said...

The chipmunks, squirrels, and rabbits around here aren't very teachable. They all just seem to do as they please. They show no respect for the hard work of the gardener. They steal the tomatoes, dig up the flowers, plant their own seeds in the flower pots, eat the pepper plants.

A couple of years ago a squirrel stole one of porch bears winter scarves, took it up the pine tree to his nest. We see bits of it every now and then around the front yard.

Alas, I've tried to no avail.