Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas is coming...

Christmas is coming faster and faster every day. I have been begging mom to help me post, because it has been so long. But she has been sew beary busy. She has been glued to her new sewing machine, practically since she got it. It's supposed to be her Christmas present, but some people can't wait.
She has been hard at work making little Ethan a stocking. She said it it taking so long because she is still learning how to use the computer software for her embroidery. She has been sewing some other gifts too. I don't think any of them are for me yet,
no I didn't snoop, I'm a beary good bear.

The halls are decked, but I still haven't smelled any cookies baking. I don't think mom will get to that this year. Grandma told me not to worry because she has made five kinds of cookies.

The days I'm not keeping mom company in her sewing room, I'm checking on the other bears in the house. The other day I read a my favorite Christmas book to Karen Hollybeary.

It is a special book The Backyard Bears Present The Story of Christmas by Karen Schuler, mom ordered it for us bears a number of years ago from the author. It is now more widely available at places like Amazon.

Do you see the gold stars on Karen? She was gathering them up off the floor after dad placed the garland that has stars during the hall decking.

After reading this story I had to go check on our bear nativity.

We have several nativities, but this one is my beary favorite. I wonder why?

Next I went to check on mom's progress on Ethan's stocking.

Hee hee, I found her stitching baby Jesus on the heel of the sock. She told me I can show you pictures of the finished stocking after we give it to Ethan, so we don't ruin the surprise, his mommy reads my blog.

When I got back Snowbeary was just starting to read Karen his favorite Christmasy book.
His is The Snow Bear by Miriam Moss, also available at Amazon.

Sew that's what's been happening here. I hope to be back to regular posting after Christmas, I want to post something on Christmas, but mom says we will have to see... If I don't make it back before Christmas or on Christmas I'd like to wish you all a beary Merry Christmas!

Grr-bye for now,


Jen said...

We really like your friends' Christmas books and your beary neat nativity set!

Aunt Cheryl said...

Buttons...I love your post about your Ma sewing and sewing and can't wait to see Ethan's stocking! Us Grandma's are especially interested in anything at all related to their grandbabies.

I like your bear-nativity set too.

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Aunt Cheryl