Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Snow Bears...

It snowed here on Saturday. After Scruffy went home I begged mom and dad to let me go out to play. Dad said he'd take me out. Mom said I had to bundle-up.

I got my coat on, I borrowed the boots from Tigg.

I can't say he was wanting to give them up. I'd already borrowed his beard and Santa hat on Christmas, some of the bears around here take turns wearing our Santa suit. Mom couldn't find me a hat, she did find a scarf and a pair of Bro T's old earmuffs.

I took a ruler out to measure how deep the snow was. Dad measured 7 1/4" on the picnic table and I measured 6 1/4" just off the patio.

The snow was soooo light and fluffy. I dropped and made a snow angel.

That done it was time to make a snowbear.

He's still a snowman, he needs ears.

It was snowing so much it was hard to tell just who was the snowbear.

It was getting dark and I was beary cold.

Hot chocolate please, my paws are freezing! I really need some mittens.

I had a great time playing in the snow, thanks dad. Thanks mom for the hot chocolate.

Grr-bye for now,


Aunt Cheryl said...

Hi Buttons,

I love your ear muffins and neon green ruler. How many inches did you measure? Snow angels are fun, aren't they? I just love, love, love your snow bear! How cute! Good thing your Ma had hot chocolate waiting for you when you came in.

Love you,
Aunt Cheryl

Cheryl Courtney Semick said...

Unca Pete said:
Hey, Buttons! Ya' know, wouldn't you be a bit warmer if you were hi-bear-nating while all this winter nastiness was goin' on? I mean, ya' know, you bein' a bear and all. Just a thought...

Later B-Bear!

Marlowe said...

It looks like you had a fun time out in the snow. I think you made a very fine snow-bear! I hope you had plenty of hot chocolate to get warm after such an adventure!

Ryan Lorenc-Haluska said...

Hey, Buttons... it's me–– Ryan.

Looks like you had a Great Christmas!

I don't see your Skis, though, Buttons. Where are they?

Daddy says I'm too young for Skis. I am still learning how to ride my Sled.

Happy New Year, Buttons!