Friday, November 5, 2010

Special baking for a special day...

Last week I had to put my apron on to help mom bake a cake. Mmm, lemon supreme cake, yum!
I opened the mix...

I dumped the mix in the bowl. Mom wouldn't let me crack the eggs, measure the water and oil.
But she did let me run the mixer. Barnes moved closer to watch.
Mom poured part or the batter into a regular cake pan and the rest into a big Pyrex bowl? Humm, I wondered what she was planning this cake to look like? Barnes was busy wondering what the terry cloth strips were for.
I knew the answer to that, mom wets the terry cloth with cold water, wrings it out and pins around the sides of the cake pan.  It keeps the sides of the cake from baking too fast, causing the cake to rise high in the middle. Mom learned this trick from my grandma who baked wedding cakes for 22 years.
Cake in the pan finished baking first. After mom took it out of the pan I had to hold Barnes back. I told him he had to wait, it was still hot and besides it was for something special.

Mom asked me to get Barnes out of the kitchen till she finished with the cake. I think she was afraid he'd jump in the frosting and get all sticky, icky and greasy.
I did only because I didn't want to see the little fella have to have a bath. We couldn't wait to see what she was making with the cake from the bowl.
 It was was a big yellow apple.

An anniversary cake for my grandma and grandpa. They eloped 6o years ago, told his family they were going to Indiana to get apples. Mom made it yellow, because she says red frosting tastes bad by the time you get enough food coloring in it so it's not pink.

Shhhh! Don't tell Grandma I put her picture on here. I think she's afraid people might see how much we resemble each other.

Well grr-bye for now,



Sullivan McPig said...

What a wonderful cake!!

Lynda (Granny K) said...

You guys made a fantastic cake! Hope you all enjoyed it.

Where animals speak said...

I love you cake, it's very original! It looks great!
mmm... I'm going to eat something, now I'm hungry!
See you!


Aunt Cheryl said...


Love the post on your Mom's apple cake! It was nice of you to keep Barnes at bay. I hear those bear baths and the subsequent tumble in the dryer is a bear! (excuse the pun)