Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bear Tower Bearchelor Pad...part III

When I left you last Braxton, Skipper and I were about to get on with the matters at paw. This is part three of my visit to "Bear Tower" in the city.

Tah Dah!! Finally and at last the things at paw can be revealed! Excited aren't you?

We held the first capeing ceremony of the Chicago chapter of the Reddy Teddys. Reddy Teddy Barnes helped mom and Scruffy in design and fitting of our Official Uniform. He had unofficially received his superhero cape before the ceremony after a final fitting
and would not give it up.Brigabear Commanbear Braxton and I, Srg. @ Paws capeing Skipper during Caping Ceremony of the Reddy Teddys. Brigabear Commanbear Braxton heads up the Chicago chapters den or hug and I, Sargent @ Paws head up the suburban chapter.Hey guys! About-face! They are showing off their uniforms, it kind of makes you want to go hide doesn't it?You say you never heard of the Reddy Teddys? Earlier this summer the four little city bears decided that if hamsters and guinea pigs could be super heros so could they. All they needed were superhero capes with their own special logo. Thus, the Reddy Teddys were born. Now you ask what is a Reddy Teddy?

Reddy Teddy Credo

We are supbearheros, always ready.
Reddy Teddys we are; In the home or in the car.
Reddy to right every wrong;
Can't we just all get along?
Standing up for what's right;
Yet never ready to pick a fight.
Able to fly off to lands unknown
Thanks to capes so lovingly sewn.
In big cities or in the hinterlands;
Reddy Teddys are All-Abearicans.
Always at the top of any chart;
Reddy Teddys start with the heart.
We are teddy bears brave and true;
Ready to cheer you when you're blue.
Loving us is easy to do;
So remembear we love you too!

So there you have it.

NEWS FLASH - From Bear Tower

The morning after our Reddy Teddy meeting and ceremony I received a couple of photo updates from Brigabear Commanbear Brax.
See I told you it was a Scottish bear den, they have a Scottish flag.Reddy Teddys Morning - Roll Call just shortly after sunrise.I think the first item on their agenda was a later morning roll call. I know it would be mine, just after sunrise, a tad too early for this bear!

Thanks Braxton to you and your dad for the contributing photos.

Well, grr-bye for now,



Sally Ann and Andy said...

Could Charlie be a commander in the reddy teddies. He is very big, but he wants to cheer up the world.

Marlowe said...

I really like their capes. Maybe I can talk Mom into making me one like that!

Sir Woodstock said...

I do think the Reddy Bears are a very fine sounding group.
I am sure I will have some new volunteers for them - am wondering if red is my colour?


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

WOW! I bet yu guys are grayte at Synchronized Sitting!