Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Olympic dreams are melting...

I'm going through Olympic withdrawal this week. Membears of my Hug and I have enjoyed watching the Olympic coverage over the past two weeks.
Cocoa, Jeffery, Buffy and I watched the figure skating competitions.
We are so beary proud of our local young man, Evan Lysacek, Olympic Gold Medalist in Men's Figure Skating. As Bob T. Bear would say Wayhey!!! 

But, I tell you my beary favorite was the ski jumping.

I've been dreaming of being able to ski jump. I just need some boots!!

I especially like the flying part. Cocoa suggested that since I don't have boots, I try some cross-carpet skiing.

I still think this would be easier with boots.
I think I'm getting better at cross-carpet skiing.

My friends seem to have mastered the celebearation part down.

Arrrrrrgh!!! You guys!!! For the life of me, how is the winner supposed to breath?

While waiting to celebrate Brother T's birthday, (I'll share a few of those pictures another day.) I checked out the growth of an icicle I've been watching outside mom's sewing room window.
The day before this picture was taken that icicle was even with my nose.
When this picture was snapped it was down past the bottom of the window; today they are gone. Looks like our snow is melting this week, the weather lady said it may be 50° by Sunday!

Oh well, I'll probably have to wait till next winter to try my paw at downhill and ski jumping. Hopefully I can get those boots by then.

Grr-bye for now,



Hammie Hamster said...

I'm sure you'll be very good at ski jumping if you wear boots Buttons! Keep practising!

Marlowe said...

Practicing is very important. I tried to roller skate for the Teddy Olympics, but fell. Mom says that I can practice and try again next year.

I would borrow you my boots. I wish I could package them up and send them through the internet!

Where animals speak said...
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Where animals speak said...

Beautiful storys with these teddys! Good jobs and really good photos! :)
I think this blog it's very original, I really like it! :)