Friday, March 26, 2010

It's Spring, the ants are out...

Yep! It's Spring alright. Here's the real proof...

do you see what I see? I asked him where his friend was, I'd heard they march two by two. This ant is one
of several we have been seeing venturing out and about in our house. Grrrr!! I think they must have wintered over in our crawlspace or some of our walls. This one I caught walking on the ceiling of mom's sewing room. In addition to the ants, I have been noticing that the spiders are awake now too.

Seeing the ants has made me think about the song about the ant and the rubber tree plant.  I asked mom why we have ants in our house. She told me she thinks our property is just one giant ant hill. I wondered how that could be, then mom checked an email from my NH grandpaw this morning. He had sent us this video from You tube. Guess what it was about? ANTS! HaHa! I watched it and thought I'd share it with you, it's beary educational. So get yourself a cup of tea and a cookie, prepare to be amazed.

Wow! Maybe mom is right and we do live on top of a giant ant hill, and that's how they are getting into our house.

All this talk about a-n-t-s reminds me I need to wish my A-u-n-t Cheryl a Happy Bear-thday!! Her special day is not till Tuesday, but I'm saying it here early.

Grr-bye for now,



Hammie Hamster said...

Here in our house there are a lot of (real) ladybugs these days! They hibernated inside our house. G. brings them to the garden. (The other ladybugs of her collection stay inside ofcourse)

Where animals speak said...

Hope you enjoy spring! Last weekend I saw lots of queens ants in the street, and a lot of the others.

Yes, I bought jelly beans and easter eggs to al my friends! :)

PS: I send you an email to buttons@buttonsbecause...

The Teddy Bear Family said...

We wanted to see the video but we couldn't. Mommy, our typist and mouse pusher, is allergic to ants, so they give her something called heebeegeebees. (We don't know what it means, but she shakes and growls when she talks about ants.)

She does tell us that is you wash up around where you find ants, they can't bring their buddies though. They make paths by leaving some kind of ant smell for their buddies to follow. Mommy says it's kinda like leaving bread crumbs to stop getting lost in the woods.

Aunt Cheryl said...

Oh Buttons! Thank you for wishing me a Happy Bearth-day in your post! I am embearassed to say that I just now read it.

Thank You for remembering me!