Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Top O' the morning...

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you.
I'd like you to meet my friend Shamrock, this is his big day around here. As another famous green fellow said, "It ain't easy being green".
Scruffy O' Bear has been parading around here saying "Top of the morning" to all the bears.

Scruffy is visiting and is especially happy,
as mom brought him a balloon. She and dad went out for breakfast at a local pancake house, they always have balloons for small children, or in this case a small bear.

This is a picture of her plate of Lemon Poppy Seed French Toast taken after dad told her there was a

bear on her plate, and it was staring at him. I wish she'd brought me a bear-bag, sure looks yummy. She said it had a blueberry compote with a lemon glaze on top, sounds delishious!

Shamrock asked to hold Scruffy's balloon.
He was very disappointed when we told him he was too much of a light weight. We told him we were afraid he'd float up to the ceiling for sure. Since we have vaulted ceilings, he agreed that wouldn't be a good thing. Since after all he's afraid of heights.
Scruffy continued to parade around with his balloon. After about the third time past us, Shamrock had a great idea. I had to agree with him.
Why waste valuable advertising real estate? Scruffy looks thrilled, don't you agree?

A special Happy St. Patty's Day wish to my Orish friend Bob T. Bear, esq.

Grr-bye for now,

Buttons          and  Scruffy  O ' Bear


Where animals speak said...

Hello Buttons! Here, in Spain we don't celebrate St Patrick's day. How it's the celebration?
I hope you have fun during the celebration!
Bally's hugs from Barcelona! :)

Marlowe said...

I like your balloon. I asked Mom if she would get me a balloon, but she said that the dog might eat it. Sigh. Moms-- so interested in the responsible thing-- no fun at all!

Hammie Hamster said...

Wonderful balloon! We don't have St. Patrick's day here in the Netherlands. Is it a special day for you? Does it come from Ireland??? G. Says that she wants to go to Ireland one day! I hope if that happens one day, she takes me with her! I'd love to see Ireland too!

The Teddy Bear Family said...

Holy Irish Potatoes! The entire world doesn't celebrate St. Patty's Day? How do you survive? We're not even Catholic (and there is some debate going on if, we're even Irish, since we were adopted), but even we celebrate the day! After all, can you eat Irish Potatoes, if'n you don't? And, we're not talking the spuds - we're talking yummy candy made from sugary coconut, rolled up in cinnnamon! Yum-yum-yummers!!!!!

Another rumor going 'round is Americans don't celebrate it like the Irish - so thought it was only fair to tell you American's version. All about wearing green, if'n you're Irish (or just wannabe.) And - FOOD! Grown-ups drink green beer. We also eat green food - like oatmeal, or Jello (but not veggies.) And dinner is a'posed to be cabbage and corn beef or pork with taters all boiled up. And, gotz to have those Irish Potato candies for dessert.

Just 'bout everyone wears green though and shouts, "Erin Go Braugh!" even though we don't know what it means. And, there are parades, and Chicago even makes their river turn green for the day.

Love to hear how others celebrate it. Always nice to know how to do it proper like.