Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Watch out for those darn dust bunnies!

Thought I'd duck in here for a minute to get out of the way. Things are crazy busy around here as of late. Mom is finally making the roman shade for the family room window. Did Roman's really have window shades? Anyway, she said it's time the window matched the patio door curtain she made a year and a half ago.

Last years excuse, she had surgery on her tator-cuff, followed by 4 months of PT - 3 times a week. Then her dad had tumor surgery and radiation treatments at a VA hospital 20 miles away. It was a rough year. Mom says there are no more excuses, she's motivated. It's time to get it done! Besides all that, company is coming!!

My New Hampshire grandma and grandpaw are coming and they're supposed to bring my cousin Bunkey along for a visit. Wow! We haven't seen them for a long time. All the New Hampshire bears in the hug are excited to see Bunkey; and grandma and grandpaw too. Even if grandpaw doesn't like us bears much. As evidence
here are some of the signs he posted on one of my visits to his house.My grandpaw's sister K is coming on the train from Portland Oregon. She's never been here or met me before; so I'll have to be on my best bear-havior So we're getting visitors from the east and the west all at once! That's exciting!

My Aunt Cheryl was here last weekend, no, wait a second, I meant the weekend before. Time just flies by when you are a busy bear.

There has been quite a bit of Spring-cleaning going on here lately. Things like washing and ironing curtains, vacuuming bears and chasing those darn multiplying dust bunnies! I mostly try to stay out of the way. I have to be quick on my paws, as I am somewhat afraid I might be mistaken for a dust bunny or a dust rag.

Well, gotta go help mom double check the measurements on that shade. Last night she discovered it was 4 inches too wide. Have to keep her focused on getting it done. I think I'd better get Cocoa to guard the computer, it's too distracting.

Grr-bye gotta fly,

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