Saturday, May 16, 2009

Switcheroo continued...

In case you didn't read yesterday's post, you'll want to go back and read it. Scruffy & Lucky decided they would try assuming each others identities. Hoping that Bro. T. wouldn't notice until he was well into his move to Chicago. Well early this morning "Scruffy" got situated in the truck. Mom suggested he take along a snack. Meanwhile in the house "Lucky" hid in plain sight and waited to see if he could get away with the switch.Well I found out that my older brother seems to be a chip off mom. It turns out that Bro. T. has inherited mom's naturally suspicious mind. One of the first things he did while waiting for the rest of his moving helpers to arrive
was to check out the backseat of the truck. He came into the house through the garage, took his shoes off and proceeded to take a tour through the house, not saying a word. Mom asked what he was looking for. He just kept looking then finally asked "where is he?" Mom asked "who?" Bro. T. replied "Scruffy!" Mom told him he was in the truck. Bro. T. said " No, he's not. There's a bear in the truck masquerading as Scruffy. Where's Scruffy?" He accused mom of knowing where the little guy was. Mom told him she wasn't part of the plot, that she doesn't know everything the bears talk about when she is out for the day!

Anyway, this went back and forth for awhile with Bro. T. looking everywhere for Scruffy. He asked me where he was, I told him he was in the truck too. I was determined I wasn't giving him up, it wasn't a lie because they had switched identities

What happened next is etched in my mind forever. Bro. T. grabbed me up and asked me if I wanted to go to Chicago. He was taking a hostage. I course said "NO!" He marched me out to his car and put me inside. We now had a hostage situation, and I was the hostage!

**Note: At this point in the story, I have to rely on what my brothers and cousin have told me. So according to them;

Man Buttons was brave not to give the "real" Scruffy up. We decided that if he could be brave so could we. So when Bro. T. came back in the house for another look around we kept pretty quiet. Well, all except for Cocoa, he did tell him he was cold when he was looking all around us in the living room. He kept asking where's he hiding. Mom told him he wasn't hiding anywhere. He started looking in the basement, upstairs, in closets, the laundry room and the family room. After looking in the family room for the third or forth time, where "Lucky" was in plain sight. He finally turned on the light and saw him hiding right there. Bro. T. did let Scruffy say grr-bye to mom. Then he went outside saying something about making a hostage exchange. We sighed a sigh of relief for Buttons.

Whew! I'm back now, I think Cocoa and Reggie were having thoughts about taking over my blog since I'd been taken hostage.

Once Bro. T. had both the little guys in hand, he was going to make them change clothes right there in the driveway. Mom told him that Lucky really wanted to go along, and be his "backseat bear" and Scruffy could live in the apartment. Bro. T. thought about it, then shrugged and buckled them both up in the seat belt for the move.Man, for a while there I thought I was going to be the bear moving to Chicago!

Mission: Operation Switcheroo - a great big FAILURE! You have to get up even earlier than Bro. T. to pull one over on him!

Grr-bye for now,



emily said...


Buttons the Bear said...

Hey Milly,
Thanks for stopping by today and for your nice comment. Love your photo!
- Buttons

Cheryl Courtney Semick said...

Whoa. That was tense Buttons. I hope you don't get PTBHS (post traumatic bear hostage syndrome)! That would be awful; and I hear it takes a long time to recover too!

I'm sure Bro. T. was not real thrilled to have to work so hard to find the real Scruffy on his moving day. Most guys are pretty grumpy on moving day. I've learned to just stay out of their way altogether.

Speaking of moving, my mom and dad are coming up sometime tomorrow to move their stuff into CJ&E's new house. I get to stay here and mess around while they're gone. Hehehehe

Meow for now,

Buttons the Bear said...

I am still a little tired from all the excitement yesterday. Bro. T. ended up back at our house last night, the vehicle he borrowed broke down on his way to return it. He had to have it towed and then wait for a friend to pick him up with his car. So he started his day with the switcheroo excitement and ended it with the car dying on the highway. All in all it was a beary busy day for him.

Anyway I heard dad ask him why he didn't bring Scruffy & Lucky? Hehehe, I have a feeling it will be a much longer time before we see them again. We were already missing them like 5 minutes after they left.

You're getting pretty good at messing around stuff when they're gone! Hope you & your sisters try to control your mischievousness to a degree. But do have fun! "While the cats away the mice will play!" Oh right, that doesn't work for you does it?

Tell your mom & dad I hope to see them soon!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Hey grayte cookies thare, choccie chip, yes? YUM! Hehehe!!

Sumtimes me an Sam an Grayum all chaynge our jumpers over an Daddy gets our naymes rong. We can sneek up to all sorts wile hidden underneath pairs ov underpants, as well. Try that wun sum time.

Hey I just red yor profile. I don't like thunderstorms iver, and they forcarst sum for tomorro- wich is dubbly unfare seein as it is my berfday!

Nose hugs!