Friday, May 29, 2009

Spelling Bees and honey...

Last night mom suggested that we watch the National Spelling Bee Final. I thought perhaps since it was a bee, bees were somehow involved. Usually when bees are around there might also be honey. So since bears like honey, me and the guys settled in to watch.

Turns out it was just kids spelling words, no bees, and no honey! I guess bees can't spell. Just a lot of strange words that we'd never heard before. I think those kids learned a bunch of words they will never hear or use again. They will of course always remembear the word that tripped them up, for the rest of their life. I think some of spellers had to learn very early in life to spell big words. Seemed like some of their names used just about every letter in the alphabet.We started rooting for this kid for Peoria, IL since I have aunts and uncles from there. He had to spell words like plaidoyer,I never heard of it before.He came in 5th place, pretty good for his first time to the nationals. There was another girl from Springfield IL that came in 2nd place. The winner took home about $40,000 in cash and prizes. Nice college fund.

Anyway Cocoa, Tigg and Me got a little educated. We learned words like guayabera, isagoge, sophrosyne, menhir, phoresy, Maecenas, and the winning word Laodicean. Now I knew that last one, it's used in the Bible to describe a church. We of course will never have cause to use any of these words. But we might recognise them if we hear them again. Funny thing the spell check doesn't know them either!

I bet there are no bees or honey at those quilting bee things either. Darn!

A smarter bear for sure.
Grr-bye for now,


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